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Aug 1, 2016
I got a secondary application from Midwestern, and one of the questions ask where I took most of my prereqs at. I started out at a 2 year college then transferred out to a 4 year university after. I would say my classes are split down the middle with the prereqs. Depending upon how you group them, I might have an extra class at the four year for prereqs. However, due to something personal that was going on in my life, after I transferred schools my grades slipped. (No worries, time shows that they started improving, after my first year at the 4 year university). Anyway, I'm wondering if it would be acceptable to put down my two year university? I did better there in the classes, but then again some schools look down at 2 year universities. Why is it so important that dental schools know where we took majority of our prereqs? After all, they do have our transcripts.