Secondary / Interview screening statistics

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May 27, 2002
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Hi all,

Please post random information you come across about screening statistics. :) Here is an example:

Dr. Ward explained that in June 2001, the School Council changed the GPA requirements for sending secondary applications to students who applied to UMSM through AMCAS. To increase the
number of non-Florida applicants, the cumulative GPA filter for this group was lowered to 3.6 from 3.8. Applicants from Florida must have had a 3.2 or higher cumulative GPA (up from the 3.0
used in previous years) to be sent a secondary application.? Surprisingly, the number of Florida applicants qualifying or a secondary application increased from 914 to 955, a 4.3% increase.

Dr. Malek reported that each primary and secondary application was reviewed by a member of the Admissions Committee using an instrument developed by the Standing Committee on
Admissions, chair by Dr. Mark O?Connell. He explained that the instrument sought to assess the overall strength of each ?paper? application by awarding a scaled number of points for criteria
such as strength of undergraduate institution attended, science GPA, MCAT score, diversity of life experiences, patient contact experiences, essay and strength of letters of recommendation.
Dr. Malek further noted that extra points were given to minority applicants, non-traditional applicants, and women in recognition of the fact that they tend to score lower on the MCAT exam. He
stated that the Admission Committee members evaluated 934 completed applications using this instrument.

Dr. Malek said that applicants receiving the highest evaluative marks using the scoring instrument were invited for an interview. A total of 318 Florida applicants were invited for an interview and
88 non-Florida residents (nearly tripled from 27 in 2001)

Post more! :) A good way is to search on google, or search school web pages. Use "admission" and "minutes" and "medical school" in your query, and be patient. :)

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Jan 29, 2002
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