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Aug 29, 2009
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Ok... like I said before, long time supporter, recently posting.
My last post caused quite a stir; let's just say it wasn't received well given it's lack of brevity. But I have a plan and want to run it by you.

Let me know if you think it's sound.


This is my BCMP:

Fall 2003 BSC2010L B @ FSU
Spring 2005 BSC1010C B+ @ FGCU
Fall 2005 BSC1011C B @ FGCU
Spring 2006 PHY2053C A- @ FGCU
Summer 2006 PHY2054C A @ FGCU
Fall 2005 CHM1045C B @ FGCU
Spring 2006 CHM1046C A @ FGCU**
Fall 2006 CHM2210C B+ @ FGCU
Spring 2007 CHM2211L A @ FSU***
Fall 2008 CHM2211 A @ FSU***
Spring 2004 MAC1105 C @ FSU
Spring 2006 STA2023 A @ FSU
Fall 2006 MAC1147 B @ FGCU
Spring 2007 MAC2311 A- @ FSU


nsGPA 3.20
sGPA 3.17
cGOA 3.18

My MCAT date is JULY 29, 2010
....Practice exams low 30s.


Gainfully employed EMT (ER based) since 2005. DIRECT PATIENT CONTACT
In 2006, served as VP of AMSA @ FGCU
Research experience, ran behavioral studies on transgenic knock-out mice at FSU in COM, Dept. neuroscience.
Shadowed many physicians and surgeons, regularly with a few. Witness/observer to primary care, pediatric practice, ER medecine, general surgery.
Acted in many mainstage theatrical productions at FGCU and at the FL reporatory theatre (used to want to be an actor) Last straight play was Sum 2009.
Accomplished cyclist, once rode 90 miles from FL to GA.
SCUBA diver, lol
Well travelled, and well read.
Worked pt and ft through university.

Thank you in advance for your time.
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Sep 4, 2006
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Here is a DO GPA calculation spreadsheet:

Fill in all your grades. Then substitute As for the worst of them.

I'd just keep retaking those classes you did poorly in to invoke the grade substitution policy of AACOMAS, until your GPAs rise to 3.3-3.4 or so (final goal depends on how strong yor MCAT is).

Your ECs are fine except some nonmedical/noncampus community service would be nice to see, as adcomms can't be relied on to consider supporting your parents to be an altruistic act.