sending GRE scores question

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Jan 22, 2009
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i've been reading things online and through this forum but i can't find a direct answer to my questions. maybe i'm missing it so i apologize if this has been addressed or is obvious.

i took the GRE on october 13th. the earliest i can retake the test is november 16th. does this mean if i retake the test my new scores will get there before the december 1st deadline? the a/w scores say they need 5-6 weeks and other scores need 15 days so it seems like i wouldn't have enough time to retake.

also, if i send my scores to schools X,Y, and Z the first time i take the test(choosing the schools right after i complete the test), do i have to select those scores again if i retake? i'm guessing i do but i wasn't sure.

finally, i heard about making a request and getting your scores sent earlier.
what exactly does this mean?

thank you for anyone willing to help me out!!

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