1. HappyPerson

    LOR question

    Hello! I have quite a few letter of recommendations from professors and MD's and DO doctors. I have around 8 total, I was really good at networking with my professors and the doctors I worked under for a few years. My question is, what is a polite way to ask a former professor if the letter...
  2. H

    When to Ask for Letters of Rec. (LOR)

    Hi all, I'm wrapping up my freshman year in undergrad in a few weeks. I am wondering when I should start asking my professors for rec. letters? I know I will need to submit them to AMCAS, but how does this process work? I know the letters are supposed to remain unreadable to me, so do I need to...
  3. T

    Do LOR for residency have to be from orthopedic surgeons?

    Had a discussion with attendings at my Uni, in it they said that all letters of recommendation should be from ortho surgeons. Any other specialty would be a negative marker even if it was a great LOR. They even went and mocked one applicant that had psych write them a LOR. In the end they said...
  4. S

    Does a LOR from a microbiology lab professor count as one from a science professor?

    I am a biology/philosophy major and have an LOR from two non-science teachers, a physician I worked with, my supervisor during my time as an RA, my A&P teacher, and my microbiology lab professor who I also worked with as a LA. It’s the last one I’m kind of worried about? I know schools require...
  5. Sapphia

    ADCOMs of SDN - Med school faculty offered to write LOR, is it ok to ask them to 'put in a good word' instead? I interview in 2 weeks.

    I am doing some research at my top choice and one of my co-investigators who faculty at the med school offered to write a letter of recommendation, however, I've already turned in the maximum number of LORs and it's too late in the process. Is it acceptable to ask them to put in a good word with...
  6. J

    Will applying 1 year after graduating affect residency match opportunities?

    Hello, I'm new here. I will be graduating med school July 2022. I am a US-IMG looking to match into Gen Surgery or Urology Residency in the US (goal is in Texas). I understand matching is very competitive for IMGs. After looking at the requirements, most programs require 3 Letter of...
  7. J

    Research year AFTER med school?

    Hello, I'm new here. I will be graduating med school July 2022. I am a US-IMG looking to match into Gen Surgery or Urology Residency in the US (goal is in Texas). I understand matching is very competitive for IMGs. After looking at the requirements, most programs require 3 Letter of...
  8. S

    ERAS token vs Interfolio for letters of recommendations?

    For rotation letter of recommendations, our school gave us a token for ERAS to be able to have the letters submitted to ERAS from the preceptors. However does that mean they will only be available for one application cycle? I remember services like Interfolio for undergrad allowed you to save...
  9. D

    Question regarding LoR from Department Chief for Fellowship ERAS

    This is a question more about ERAS than Neonatology itself, so if someone has a better idea on where to post this, let me know. My partner and I are both residents in pediatrics, and she will be applying to Neonatology Fellowships this upcoming application cycle. She has a LoR being written by...
  10. E

    Submitting AADSAS Dental School App Without LORs Received?

    Hey everyone! I'm applying to dental school this cycle and my application is almost done - personal statement, official DAT/transcripts, and individual applications are all set! However, I'm still waiting on my LORs to be received. I told my professors/dentists that are writing it to...
  11. S

    Nonscience LOR from a Professor who was a Research Mentor?

    I am applying MD this cycle and I have heard a lot about how you need to have a minimum of two science LORs and one nonscience LOR. I have one LOR from a law school professor who teaches at my university but I didn't take a class with him -- I was his research assistant. I was wondering if this...
  12. chemdoctor

    Storing Letters until AMCAS opens?

    Hi everyone. I am currently in the process of requesting letters of recommendation from my professors. Many of my professors have written the letters and are willing to send them to enter folio so I can store them and upload them to AMCAS. I was wondering if there was an easier way to do...
  13. ?

    LOR from Dean Emerita?

  14. chemdoctor

    LOR question

    Hello everyone, Basically, I did research with an Orgo professor. However, I did NOT take him for Orgo II. I did an independent study/research credit with him; and received an S (for satisfactory completion). So, I did research w him for a bit, presented my research, and even got a thesis. Is...
  15. M

    I have LORs from two oral surgeons but none from a general dentist, is that OK?

    So I’ve been working with two oral surgeons for over 2 years now and developed a pretty good relationship with them. I accumulated over 1000 hours of shadowing and DA experience from their office. This is probably my what I’m most proud of in my application. They are both writing me LORs but is...
  16. D

    Letters of Recommendation

    Hi everyone! I can’t seem to find the answer to my question anywhere. I need two LORs from two science professors. I am already getting one from my orgo I professor. Would it be weird to get the second one from orgo II professor? Or gen chem professor? Should I ask another science class...
  17. W

    Change jobs for financial stability vs. stay for stronger LOR?

    Fellow non-trads, I am a 28 yo M looking to matriculate for Allopathic MD school, Fall 2023. I was an English/philosophy major in college who circled back around to science to get an MS in epidemiology, with 1 year of courses into a PhD in the same. I took an "extended leave of absence"...
  18. petomed

    Nontrad MD-PhD with weak stats but strong direction

    MD-PhD's are the high rung concerning competitiveness. Can anyone speak to knowing someone who gained acceptance with a < 512 MCAT and/or < 3.7 GPA? How did the rest of their application resolve these crucial deficits? Is there any value added by having not just passion for research, but a...
  19. B


    Hello! I plan on reapplying to DO and a couple MD after a post bacc I’ll complete by summer. During this time I have gained two LOR from a DO from being a CNA and MD from research, as well as a professor. I wanted to ask if I should ask my old LOR writers from undergrad (3 professors) for this...
  20. JoyFairy

    Nonscience LOR for Nontrad

    Hi everyone! Long-time lurker wondering about how to approach the non-science prof LOR requirement, as I’ve been out of undergrad since 2017 (not in contact with my profs) and taking only science classes as part of my post-bacc. I have access to LORS from science profs, the supervising...
  21. D

    Should I use my PI LOR as a science or research LOR?

    I've taken 2 classes with my PI, but I started doing research with her before taking her classes. We have a great relationship and she already said that she'd write a really good LOR before me asking. I was wondering if I should use her LOR as a science professor or a research LOR? Considering...
  22. whosnisarg

    No Science LORs?

    Hey, all! Humanities and Philosophy major here applying to a school in May 2021 that is waiving the MCAT. Given I was planning to take the MCAT in 2022 anyway, I may as well take my chances applying to this 1 school (but this isn’t my issue). They require 1 committee letter or 2 science...
  23. optimist99

    How many LoRs to send - OBGYN application

    So I'm applying to OBGYN this cycle and can't decide how many LoRs I should send programs that say things like "a total of three (3) LoRs is required for final review" and "a complete application contains... three (3) LoRs including the dept chair letter." Does this mean I can't include a 4th...
  24. C

    Letter of Rec

    Hi I recently did research, but it wasn't through my university, it was at prestigious hospital nearby. I have a good relationship with my PI and she offered to write me a LOR for med school. While I know its better to have than not, does this fulfill any of the minimum requirements though...
  25. prehealthboi

    AACOMAS LOR Confusion

    So I was under the impression AACOMAS was like AMCAS where I could just upload up to 10 letters and choose which ones to send to schools. This error is obviously due to my naivety, and I should have double checked before. I was uploading letters to AACOMAS as I received them through Interfolio...
  26. sasukeuchiha33

    How to classify LOR from professor at another school?

    Hi all! So I'm in the midst of getting my LORs in sorts and had quick question. One of my recommenders was my professor whom I had when I was a freshman; however, she since moved on to teach at another university. In AMCAS, when filling in the LORs it asks if your recommender is associated with...
  27. F

    Gap Years and LORs

    Hi everyone! So I'm planning on applying to enter medical school in 2022. I'm finishing undergrad now (class of 2020) and am trying to plan out my app cycle. If I am asking several professors for LORs but I'll be out of school for a year by the time I actually need them for my application...
  28. Ramona Flowers

    Letters of Recommendation Question

  29. B

    Need help with LORs and a specific situation regarding LOR.

    Hi everyone, I am currently preparing for the next application cycle and I am unsure about how I should approach my letter of recommendations. I have heard that interfolio is a good start, but I am not quite sure what this application does. Regarding, an actual LOR situation, which is my...
  30. C

    Can you get accepted without letters of rec?

    Hi, So I interviewed at Salus over a week ago (11/8). I got an email from them on Friday asking if I can get my letter of recommendation from my TA cosigned by the professor. This professor is super busy and is very particular about who he gives letters to so I was unable to get a signature...
  31. V

    Interfolio Delivered My Letters to AMCAS for 3 times

    I submitted the letters from Interfolio to AMCAS in June. Then the schools received the letters on July 1st. But several days later, Interfolio submitted the same letters to AMCAS again on July 15th so the schools updated my letters (actually the same letters). What made me super confused is...
  32. GizmoDartboardScene

    Evaluators/LOR: have i goofed up?

    I am in a bit of a tricky situation and would like some advice. I already have 3 evaluators who I recently found out will write me excellent evaluations. However, I asked 2 additional evaluators just in case as back-up. Unfortunately, these 2 additional evaluators... I am not sure what kind of...
  33. M

    Letter of Recommendation "power" question

    Hey guys, I'm an IMG applying for the 2020 Match. I have very little USCE. As a graduate (2018) they're mostly observerships and externships (< 12 weeks) In terms of a LoR... I have a few LoR from doctors who have/are: 1 - Graduated from home country but did residency and fellowship in the US...
  34. V


  35. L

    Feel like I'm screwed on LOR's

    So I graduated in May and will be applying for the 2021 cycle (2 gap years). I currently have 3 LOR's: 1 science professor whom I've TA'd for and received an A in both courses I took with him. My research PI (psychology which AFAIK is not considered "science" in terms of med school), whom I...
  36. G

    (solved) thought I had 3 great LOR's but now it looks like I only have 1. PLEASE HELP!!

    Edit: problem solved, thanks for the help!
  37. Z

    Do my Letters of Recommendation NEED to be from professors I had or can they be from anyone?

    Hey guys, I couldn’t exactly find the answer to this so here I am. Do my LORs need to be from professors who taught the courses that I took? Or can I have a professor who has never taught me before write me a letter of recommendation? Like a professor whose class I never took basically. Will...
  38. F

    LOR for Applying IM

    Hey everyone! I'm getting ready to apply for IM this year and am confused about letters of recommendation. I have 1 from an outpatient endocrine attending, 2 from my core IM rotation attendings, and 1 from my advisor/FM attending who worked with me inpatient (so all 3rd year letters). I have...
  39. M

    AMCAS volunteer position that is also on transcript.

    So I am applying this cycle and I have a once a week volunteer position (since this past year) mentoring students that I will list on my AMCAS and am submitting an LOR for. My issue is that this activity appears on my transcript for 1 credit each semester because the program coordinator couldn't...
  40. G

    LOR questions - science faculty and physician letter?

    1) My school doesn't have a neuroscience department, but my major has an emphasis in neuro that I took psychopharmacology and cognitive neuroscience for (both in the psych department). In terms of LOR, could these count as science faculty? I asked my pre-med advisor and he said it depends on the...