1. sasukeuchiha33

    How to classify LOR from professor at another school?

    Hi all! So I'm in the midst of getting my LORs in sorts and had quick question. One of my recommenders was my professor whom I had when I was a freshman; however, she since moved on to teach at another university. In AMCAS, when filling in the LORs it asks if your recommender is associated with...
  2. J

    Gap Years and LORs

    Hi everyone! So I'm planning on applying to enter medical school in 2022. I'm finishing undergrad now (class of 2020) and am trying to plan out my app cycle. If I am asking several professors for LORs but I'll be out of school for a year by the time I actually need them for my application...
  3. R

    Letters of Recommendation Question

    Hi there, I'm applying for the 2020-2021 application cycle and probably most concerned for the LOR portion. I do have significant LOR options including DOs and MDs I scribe with, employers of the domestic violence shelter I work with (during my gap year), professors who knew me very well/I did...
  4. B

    Need help with LORs and a specific situation regarding LOR.

    Hi everyone, I am currently preparing for the next application cycle and I am unsure about how I should approach my letter of recommendations. I have heard that interfolio is a good start, but I am not quite sure what this application does. Regarding, an actual LOR situation, which is my...
  5. C

    Can you get accepted without letters of rec?

    Hi, So I interviewed at Salus over a week ago (11/8). I got an email from them on Friday asking if I can get my letter of recommendation from my TA cosigned by the professor. This professor is super busy and is very particular about who he gives letters to so I was unable to get a signature...
  6. V

    Interfolio Delivered My Letters to AMCAS for 3 times

    I submitted the letters from Interfolio to AMCAS in June. Then the schools received the letters on July 1st. But several days later, Interfolio submitted the same letters to AMCAS again on July 15th so the schools updated my letters (actually the same letters). What made me super confused is...
  7. GizmoDartboardScene

    Evaluators/LOR: have i goofed up?

    I am in a bit of a tricky situation and would like some advice. I already have 3 evaluators who I recently found out will write me excellent evaluations. However, I asked 2 additional evaluators just in case as back-up. Unfortunately, these 2 additional evaluators... I am not sure what kind of...
  8. M

    Letter of Recommendation "power" question

    Hey guys, I'm an IMG applying for the 2020 Match. I have very little USCE. As a graduate (2018) they're mostly observerships and externships (< 12 weeks) In terms of a LoR... I have a few LoR from doctors who have/are: 1 - Graduated from home country but did residency and fellowship in the US...
  9. V


  10. L

    Feel like I'm screwed on LOR's

    So I graduated in May and will be applying for the 2021 cycle (2 gap years). I currently have 3 LOR's: 1 science professor whom I've TA'd for and received an A in both courses I took with him. My research PI (psychology which AFAIK is not considered "science" in terms of med school), whom I...
  11. G

    (solved) thought I had 3 great LOR's but now it looks like I only have 1. PLEASE HELP!!

    Edit: problem solved, thanks for the help!
  12. Z

    Do my Letters of Recommendation NEED to be from professors I had or can they be from anyone?

    Hey guys, I couldn’t exactly find the answer to this so here I am. Do my LORs need to be from professors who taught the courses that I took? Or can I have a professor who has never taught me before write me a letter of recommendation? Like a professor whose class I never took basically. Will...
  13. F

    LOR for Applying IM

    Hey everyone! I'm getting ready to apply for IM this year and am confused about letters of recommendation. I have 1 from an outpatient endocrine attending, 2 from my core IM rotation attendings, and 1 from my advisor/FM attending who worked with me inpatient (so all 3rd year letters). I have...
  14. M

    AMCAS volunteer position that is also on transcript.

    So I am applying this cycle and I have a once a week volunteer position (since this past year) mentoring students that I will list on my AMCAS and am submitting an LOR for. My issue is that this activity appears on my transcript for 1 credit each semester because the program coordinator couldn't...
  15. G

    LOR questions - science faculty and physician letter?

    1) My school doesn't have a neuroscience department, but my major has an emphasis in neuro that I took psychopharmacology and cognitive neuroscience for (both in the psych department). In terms of LOR, could these count as science faculty? I asked my pre-med advisor and he said it depends on the...
  16. ChipSkylarkxxxshinyteeth

    Professors are letting me draft my own Letters of Rec before they add their own sauce!!!

    I’d like to say that I’m in a pretty lucky however stressful situation where two of my professors I reached out to for LOR’s from are actually suggesting that I write key points and anything I'd like in the letters about myself. Has anyone else been in this same situation? If yes I need your...
  17. stayathomemom

    LOR question: AMCAS letter ID#

    Sorry, this is probably a dumb question but I've spent too long fruitlessly Googling. I'm trying to officially request LORs from my letter writers today. So we need two numbers with our LOR's: AMCAS ID and AMCAS Letter ID. The first one is obvious, but how do I get the second? My general sense...
  18. G

    Seeking LOR Advice

    Hello SDN, So I had built a strong enough relationship with my prehealth advisor of four years and a science faculty professor to be confident in their ability to write a strong LOR. Very recently, both got fired. Additionally, due to a lot of changes to my school's health advising office...
  19. B

    LOR advice needed: Weird relationship with PI and supervisor

    Hi SDN. I'm stuck with my situation and would appreciate your help. Reasons I should ask for a letter from this research experience: Mid-author on late breaking abstract published in high impact journal and a couple conferences The research supervisor, who is a DNP, and the PI said they wanted...
  20. 7

    Do generic LOR's keep good students out?

    By good student I mean 3.8-4.0 GPA and 22+AA, decent EC's Will all generic LOR's keep them out of dental school or are LOR's something that can boost an application but not necessarily ruin it? Are good grades enough to overcome unimpressive LOR's?
  21. L

    Letters from Course Professors vs PIs

    I decided recently to apply to MSTP programs this cycle and I realized that although I will have 4 great letters of recommendation from labs that I've worked in and doctors that I have shadowed, I have not established any relationship with course professors. And I know that most MSTP programs...
  22. S

    Would I be able to use this professor for my Science LOR?

    I am currently working under a full-time chemistry professor as a learning assistant for his General Chemistry I and II courses, and I have been working under him for the past year. I answer students’ questions in class about the course content, I help grade exams, and I lead out-of-class...
  23. P

    Is it weird to get the two science LOR’s both from physics professors?

    I’m currently a 4th year Biology major thinking about potential recommenders to write red letters for med school. The two professors that I took Physics with know me pretty well, I did very well in their classes, and I’m fairly confident that they will be able to write solid letters. Is it bad...
  24. T

    Do Dermatology away rotations require Letters of Rec to apply?

    Very simple question but I can't seem to find an answer. I am trying to schedule my home dermatology rotation and would like to know how late I can do so based on the possibility of needing a letter from them for my away rotation. Thanks so much!
  25. T

    Letters of Rec

    I wanted to ask for a letter of rec from my neuroanatomy professor. Unfortunately the class is listed under the psych department, despite the fact that it's 100% biology of the brain. Would this work as one of my 2 letters of rec from a science professor?
  26. M

    Co-Authors on Letter of Recommendation

    Is it a good practice to have two people write one LOR? I know you shouldn't have two letters from the same place/experience since it will be redundant but if those two people both have something valuable to say about you and that experience can you have them co-write one letter?
  27. farmmd

    DO schools that do not require a LOR from DO/MD

    Hello, I wanted to create a comprehensive and updated list on osteopathic schools that do not require a LOR specifically from a DO/MD. When I was applying, I had to go through each schools websites and find out myself. So here is the list I have so far for this application cycle (2018-2019)...
  28. I

    Shadowing Thank You Card Now or Later?

    I recently shadowed a gastroenterologist for 3 days in a row. I have spoken with him about LORs and he has expressed that he'd be happy to write me one. I told him that I'd like to come back and shadow him several more times before I apply to medical school next summer. I usually send the...
  29. N

    Will an LOR from a med school clinical professor improve admission chances?

    Will having a letter of recommendation from a clinical professor at a medical school help me get an interview or improve my admissions chances? Long story short I did some shadowing under a physician alongside M3s doing their family practice rotation. The physician has been teaching clinical...
  30. C

    LOR Question?

    Hello all, I have a question about LORs. My only question is, on average how many LORs are sufficient? I looked at many of the schools that I am interested in, and I am leaning towards 3-4 LORs from science professors, and 2 nonscience. There are two professors (Gen Chem I and Gen Chem II)...
  31. P

    Should I upload a potentially bad sloe? what to do to subvert the possible disaster

    Hey guys, I am an MS4 applying for EM residency and I have been dreading about the bad sloe that is going to be uploaded any day now. I know it's not going to be a good sloe because a person who gave me negative evals said that I was not performing up to the institutions standards couple of...
  32. Kobethegoat24

    Has anyone gotten a recommendation letter from a community college assistant professor?

    So I recently switched over to dental school. I have gotten my one science letter of recommendation but my second professor retired and I am unable to reach him about the letter he promised to write me :(. So i am searching for another science professor but I was never that close to any of my...
  33. B

    LOR: How late is too late?

    So I have 3 LORs that I can use to submit all my applications. However, I am currently on an away that I really like and may get a solid LOR from. I will probably submit this letter as an optional 4th letter for all programs that will take 4. Two questions: 1. When should this letter be...
  34. R

    reuploading eras LORs?

    I didn't complete my requirement in time for match last year and was wondering if I can reuse my LORs from last year for this year's match? or would it be better to have my attending update the date of the letter so that programs can see the letter's still valid? Thank you for your advice
  35. A

    IM LOR poll

    Hey guys, I'm a 4th yr looking to go into IM at a preferably academic hospital. Prob a dumb question, and I apologize if its wasting thread space lol, but I'm in a dilemma as to which letters to upload. How important is it for IM programs that letters come from IM physicians? Currently, I have...
  36. nothisispatrick

    Sending in extra LOR

    On my AMCAS application, I have a premed committee letter sent 7 in (6 letters + 1 committee letter). The committee letter is the same as the one on my last year’s application, when I was in college. This year I am applying again and am involved in 2 research projects. One of is through a my...
  37. P

    ERAS questions

    Hi a few questions about the ERAS app: 1 . I'm getting an LOR from a program director who is also listed a medical education chair on the hospital website - do I click the chair button when preparing the face sheet? 2. Do you use bullets to write about your activities like you would in a...
  38. M

    questions about recommendation letters/committee letters

    My undergrad premed office offers to provide committee letters to prehealth candidates as long as they meet certain deadlines that begin about 6-8 months before the application cycle begins in May/June. Committee letters are said to be optional at my undergrad and are advertised as a way of...
  39. R

    Med Schools w/ NO LOR Requirement?

    Hello all, I've tried googling this but haven't got any hits. Does anyone know of a comprehensive list of schools that DO NOT require Letter of Recommendations? Before someone says there is no such AMCAS school, I know factually that isn't true.
  40. G

    Will letters from med school professors boost your application?

    Let's say I have 2 people at my dream med school to write LORs: one is a new associate professor and one is a department chair. Would that help my odds at all? I also did not go to their undergraduate school. Just have the connections through work.