1. I

    Looking for guidance for rec letters/other stuff

    Hi everyone! I have a few questions that I’m not sure anyone in my life really knows how to answer so I decided to turn here. For background: I am currently a premed planning to apply in two years (so 2024-2025 application cycle). I am thinking about what to do for my clinical hours, and EMT...
  2. I

    Can a math professor fill a science rec?

    Title. And if so, have any admissions officers seen a difference in quality between math and B/C/P professors? I’m afraid of asking one because I’m assuming they haven’t written many med school recs. Something that particularly scares me is a story about an applicant who got no acceptances...
  3. sasukeuchiha33

    LOR Question- Submitting from AMCAS

    Hey all. So, I'm using Interfolio Dossier Deliver to send letters to AMCAS. However, I have also noticed that AMCAS has an option where you can choose which letters to send to which schools. This isn't really something I'm worried about, as I intend to send all of my letters to all the schools...
  4. O

    Evaluate my chances and any tips or strategies would be helpful

    I will preface by saying you're going to read this and probably say yikes. That is fine but its too late now I decided that I'm applying this cycle what matters here now is strategy to overcome my 1% chance of getting in. So I will do my best to give a picture of me as an applicant then give me...
  5. nothisispatrick

    Sending in extra LOR

    On my AMCAS application, I have a premed committee letter sent 7 in (6 letters + 1 committee letter). The committee letter is the same as the one on my last year’s application, when I was in college. This year I am applying again and am involved in 2 research projects. One of is through a my...
  6. P

    Rural Med School Reccomendations Wanted MD/DO

    I am looking to apply to MD or DO schools with strong rural medicine programs. Rural medicine is my passion and what I am looking to pursue. Little bit about me: MCAT 505, GPA 3.59, sGPA 3.46 female, white 100+ hours shadowing in providers in rural areas 4 years on student-run rural shadowing...
  7. sasukeuchiha33

    Recommendation Letter Confusion... Help please!

    Hello, everyone! So, everywhere I read everyone seems to have the same general advice regarding recommendation letters, namely, the "basis" being 2 recommendation letters from a science professor who gave you a grade, and 1 from a non-science professor who gave you a grade. I know people...