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Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by Mossjoh, Apr 3, 2001.

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    I'm not to familiar with the recommendation letter process. I have asked docs for them, however it is okay to ask that they sign across the back on the seal to prove it hasn't been tampered with and then I can keep them filed away at home and send them when secondaries arrive? I would not read any of the letters of course and would send all the ones I have with my secondaries, however, would this still be considered a closed file system? My advisors seem to think that would be okay? Have other people done it that way?

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  3. I'd hold off on the recs. Some schools have forms you can give to the professors, and most schools either expect the letters in a packet from your pre-med office, or to arrive individually from the profs.
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    Does your school have a Center for Career Services or any other type of center that handles letters of rec? If so, you should use them. You can't really hold onto the letters yourself. The center would hold onto a copy from each recommender, then when you tell the center, they forward it to the schools you want. The letters of Rec are generally not supposed to be included with the packet of application material that you send, but rather sent seperately (as was the case for all of the schools I applied to). I dont think that your idea would be a true closed file. You are really not supposed to have contact with the letters at all (you could, for example, tell your Prof to write a letter of rec to the Medical College of South Baton Rouge, which doesnt exist, and then read that one).

    As for the forms... out of all the schools that I got secondaries from, only ONE of them had a form for the reccomender to write on (Ohio State), and they didnt care if the letter was on their form, or simply attatched.

    The sooner you can get the recommenders writing the better though. You will have to remind them usually - "Hey did you get a chance to start on that letter of Rec?" "Oh, no, sorry, been real busy." (thats a typical response from people that have classes to teach, patients to see, etc.).

    This was my experience anyhow...

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