sending MCAT scores

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Jan 5, 2003
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hey guys,
I just put in transcript requests to send them to aacomas but i'm a little confused about what they will do with my transcripts once aacomas gets them but doesn't have my application yet...will they start a file for me by just having my transcripts alone? Also, i took the mcat in april and at the time i did not indicate that i wanted my scores sent to aacomas so i went online to try and do it but it seemed like i could only submit my mcat scores from last year because once i put in my log in name and password they pulled up this record of my previous mcat but my new one wasn't there yet. i tried emailing aamc but got this vague reply bacck about how starting june 2 additional score reports and free. but if i put the request in on june 2, won't that be a little late assuming i want my mcat scores and application in as early as possible..i'm just confused about how to notify aamc to send my april mcat scores to aacomas as soon as aamc has them

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