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Apr 17, 2017
Also wanted to see if anyone knew about virtual shadowing opportunities? I need one more recommendation letter from an optometrist so I figured I could shadow one and also try to get a letter from them. I am in San Antonio so if anyone knows any doctors that are willing to let students shadow right now. I have reached out to some but they have said no :/
Aug 8, 2020
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  1. Pre-Optometry
When I was in the application process, many students were struggling to find shadowing opportunities as COVID was hitting really hard last summer, and admissions boards from multiple schools that I had heard speak (at different webinars and such) said that if you can't get or don't have any shadowing experience, try to arrange a Zoom of some type with an optometrist, or even multiple if you can, to get questions answered and to maybe even have them give a rundown of their typical day. It is extremely different from getting to shadow in person, but it is better than nothing, and admissions committees at optometry schools are very understanding about how COVID has affected everything! So if you can't get in anywhere in person I would definitely suggest reaching out to an optometrist to see if you can at least video chat. I would still at least attempt to ask doctors to shadow and then if they all say no you can try to arrange a virtual meeting. Keep working at it and everything will work out :) if you are still super concerned with experience by the time apps get closer, I would recommend reaching out to the schools' admissions directly! They love to hear from prospective students and to help as much as they can!
May 27, 2020
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  1. Non-Student
Looking for the right shadowing opportunities can be challenging. Yet, to make this daunting task easy for you, I would suggest looking for the best healthcare shadowing online portal. You will find numerous willing healthcare professionals that offer job-shadowing services already registered on this portal.

You need to register on the portal and then search for a suitable doctor in your area, as per your preferred specialization of practice. Thus, you can schedule a call with your preferred healthcare professional and start shadowing within a few days.

As the portal bridges the gap between premed students like you looking for shadowing opportunities and the professionals willing to offer them, your journey and the overall experience of finding a doctor for shadowing smooth and time-saving.
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