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Sep 3, 2022
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can you shadow and receive a letter of rec from an ophthalmologist instead of optometrist for optometry schools? or does it have to be from an optometrist?

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I recommend reaching out to the schools you are considering because some are stricter about having an optometrist's letter of rec., whereas some are more lenient. I would personally shadow an optometrist regardless of what those schools say to strengthen your application. Although ophthalmology and optometry are similar, you are applying to an optometry school, so it'd make sense to have some experience in this specific field. If you have your own optometrist, definitely ask if you can shadow for a week or two to get the experience; or I would ask your ophthalmologist if they have a recommended optometrist in mind.
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Depending on the school they may take an Ophthalmologist's recommendation, but usually they would still want an Optometrist's rec too. I mean you are applying for an optometry school, they want to make sure that this is the path you want and understand. I also recommend doing that regardless of what the schools require. It will really help you in school to see what you are working towards.