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Sep 2, 2008
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I've just recently started shadowing an OMFS and since this was my first time in "the back", I didn't want to appear as a nuisance and ask alot of questions. I was back and forth between two dentists. One of the dentists was doing an implant and it took him a while to get the implant pieces together so I stood off to the side to give him some space (and also avoid any embarassment), but then the other dentist saw me standing off to the corner and asked me if I was ok, and that I looked bored.

I saw some surgeries and the dentist took time to go over a few charts and procedures. Maybe that first experience was a bit overwhelming (I was between 5 surgeries and 2 other procedures in that one day), that questions couldn't even surface since I was just taking it all in.

I do have some questions to ask when I go back, but are there any general questions that you'd recommend asking?
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