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May 17, 2012
Dental Student
Hi everyone,

I plan on applying next cycle, but I am worried I might not get in. I am a current 4th year student. Right now my GPA is at a 3.31 (I pulled it up from a 2.2 since my freshman year~ I have been averaging around a 3.5 after my freshman year) and my DAT scores are as follows:

Academic Average: 19
Total Science: 20
Chemistry: 20
Organic Chemistry: 21
Reading Comprehension: 17
Quantitative Reasoning: 19
Perceptual Ability:20

I also have extracurriculars that I have been involved on campus such as:
Health Professions Advising Center Pre-dental Peer Mentor, Global Dental Brigades Program Coordinator, Intramural Basketball Captain, Dental Intern, Dental Clinic Volunteer, dental shadowing, and a church group off campus.

Can you guys give me advice on what I should do to make my application strong before applying next June? Or should I just wait until I finish my fifth year (I need to take a fifth year). I would appreciate any advice, positive or negative. Thanks guys!


Jul 8, 2013
Seattle, WA
I'd say you have a fair chance, just kill your classes this year to raise that GPA. The DAT is average. Maybe do research if you can but your grades need be the top priority.


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Jan 18, 2012
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I would just try to finish strong this year and keep raising your GPA. Your DAT score is about average but is good enough to get you in somewhere with a higher GPA. You could either take some more classes next year and make sure you get A's to keep your GPA up or retake your DAT and kill it. The easier option would probably be to take classes to raise your GPA but that does take time. A much stronger DAT score would negate that GPA - imo - but either way since you are waiting until next cycle to apply think about what path you want to take and stick to it hard.