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Discussion in 'Dental' started by darat_dmd, Jul 17, 2001.

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    ...wait? Read this & give me your honest opinion, please.

    I've been back in school for 5 major semesters(spring & fall) & 2 summer terms & have earned 94 hours since I've been back in school. Before this I had taken a full semester off from school. Since I've been back in school both my overall & science gpa's are at 3.5. Before I took the semester off I was an apathetic student & had a gpa hovering around 2.0. Now my overall gpa is 2.71 & my science is 3.4. I only need one foreign language class to complete my B.S. in Biology, which I will take this fall. Finally, I am taking the DAT in a week.

    My question is, do you folks think it would be wise for me to go ahead & apply now, or just wait & do so next year? While I've done well at school since my return, have I done enough to prove my worthiness to an admissions committee? Considering everything from my previous poor academic record(lots of f's & w's), my subsequent vast improvement, my school's pre-professional committe giving me a good recommendation, my volunteer work at a hospital dental clinic & plenty of observation time with other dentists, what do y'all think?

    Also, if I did decide to apply(I have my application all filled out but haven't sent it in yet), what sort of DAT score do you think I might need to at least get some interviews? Honestly, I think I'll do well on the DAT, but I'll know for sure in a week.

    BTW, in addition to the one class that I'll be taking in the fall to graduate, I will also be taking a full load, just in case I don't get in or don't apply this time.

    I appreciate your thoughts on this.
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    Definitely aply this year. You have shown steady improvement and provided u score in the 19-20 rangeu will get interviews. You would be silly t not apply.

    Good luck on the DAT and keep me posted on your progressor if u have any further questions.

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