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Oct 14, 2011
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I'm graduating from a master's program this spring, and would like to apply to medical school this cycle. A few of my stats:
Undergrad in Molecular Bio at a large midwest state school
Master's degree in Bioengineering
cGPA: 3.0 (slight downward trend actually, grade replaced classes)
sGPA: 2.8 (AACOMAS is 2.7)
Graduate GPA: likely ending the semester around 3.3ish (was really hoping for higher grades this semester, COVID took a toll on my academics
MCAT: 1st attempt was very rushed and I was extremely unprepared, got a 49X. I had planned to re-take this spring, but my exam was cancelled due to COVID. From practice tests so far, I'm anticipating a 510+
Clinical experience: ~1000 hrs as an ER Tech, ~200 hours as an intern at a community clinic
Non-clinical: Course assistant for a biology/engineering class (developed class materials over a summer)
ECs: 3 years as a tutor/mentor for an after school program, 2 of those years on the executive board; Volunteering coordinator and exec member of a large student cultural organization; project leader for an engineering project showcase (in Grad school); also for the past ~2 years I've been writing a blog/keeping up an Instagram page about cooking in college and more recently, healthy eating (after going through an eating disorder and recovering from it)
Research: 1 summer as a research assistant in a neuro lab; ~1.5 years as a lab tech/research assistant in another neuro lab; 1 year working on my engineering capstone project in Grad school (related to point of care diagnostics)
Awards: 2 awards from school for volunteer service, 2 awards from ER staff

I am really interested in primary care and innovating at a health systems level, so I'm looking to apply to DO schools. However, I am also interested in MD schools with strong engineering programs, because I'd love to apply my bioengineering background to research and entrepreneurship. I am aware that my GPAs are low, and my Graduate GPA does not really help here, but I am unsure if I'd be able to take on a post-bacc, since I'm planning to work full-time. If there are any medical schools that would accept online coursework, I'd be open to taking those. In that case, what classes would I take? Would it really make a difference to retake prereqs I've already completed?
Obviously don't send in an application until you know what your MCAT is. Official scores count, practices don't.

Here's the issue: what is your BCPM GPA? What were your grades in biomedical science courses like microbiology, physiology, immunology, neuroscience? You have a lot of engineering classes, which will push your GPA lower anyway, but I think you may have to think about a SMP before applying again to show you really can handle medical school schedules. Right now you're best suited for DO schools and maybe Carle in Illinois (though I don't know how low they go for GPA).

Very few medical schools will accept online coursework that does not come from an accredited US institution. You need to converse with admissions recruiters before you take any action on the postbac front.

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DO schools will consider your graduate GPA and average it all together into your cgpa. 3.3 and a graduate program is a bit on the weak side though

what is your cgpa as of now?

In your coursework, are they more research-based or did you take courses similar to those in medical school?
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