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Oct 1, 2020
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  1. Medical Student
Hi everyone, I am a new user so I could not find the option for posting a new thread. So I decided to write here instead. Here is my question:

I am a Non- US IMG with YOG 2018. My step 1 score is 243 and I am in the process of taking CK. I have 1 year research fellowship experience (2019-2020) and currently working as Research Coordinator since July, 2020. I worked on 4-5 publications but could not submit any of them yet.

I have decent amount of USCE with some strong connections. I am confused about applying to 2021 match. Because by the time I make the application, my ck result will be pending. Plus, I will get ecfmg certificate through pathway 1 and I am planning to take Oet exam in November.

Given my status above, should I apply to this cycle or should wait for the next cycle with a complete application? Any recommendations are appreciated and thanks in advance!
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