Medical Should I change class to Pass/Fail?

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Mar 12, 2013
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Hello, I had a quick question regarding switching a class to p/f:

I'm a second semester junior who's a math/econ major (T20 undergrad) and will be applying this upcoming cycle. In order to satisfy the statistics prerequisite requirement that exists for TMDSAS schools and also satisfy a degree requirement for my major, I have to take a pretty brutal 400-level mathematical statistics class. I was unlucky during course selection and will be taking the class with a prof who's pretty infamous for harsh grading in our math department and told us during our first class last week that he will only give 3 As and 6 Bs in the class of 29 students (the rest being C/D/Fail). Classes like these really make me wish I had just taken the easy route at my school of being a bio/neuro major lol.

Frankly, I'm not confident at all that I'll be able to get an A or possibly even a B, especially considering how there are graduate students also taking the class. My university is allowing us to take up to 3 classes P/F this semester, and we don't have to declare which classes (if any) until right before finals. I've not taken a single class P/F at any point during undergrad so far, so I was wondering how big of a detriment it would be if I were to eventually turn this upper-div stats class into P/F.

I know that it's certainly not ideal, but I also can tell that this class will become an enormous time-suck if I take it graded and I will have to sacrifice time/energy that could be much better used writing my PS and preparing my application in general. For reference, I'm expecting my GPAs to be 3.86c/3.82s with P/F, or 3.78c/3.70s if I get a C in this class. It would be 3.82c/3.75s if I were to get a B in the class.

Given that Texas schools are particularly well-known for loving high GPAs, I feel like the docking for a p/f prerequisite course would be overshadowed by having a significantly lower GPA. MCAT is 516 for reference, with my goal schools being UTSW/Baylor/McGovern. The TMDSAS website says explicitly that P/F Coursework will still be accepted for Spring 2021, so I know that I technically can do this but it's boiling down to whether or not I should. Thanks in advance!
You should be fine especially if it's the only P/F on your transcript. Just make sure you pass ;)

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Is the class Real Analysis or something that requires that or Measure Theory as a prerequisite (the usual textbook for that sort of level is the Jun T Shao)? If you take P/F, you will severely handicap yourself if you end up having to apply to graduate school in Econ as an alternative.

That said, if your heart is set for medicine, easily take the P/F option as I agree with your reasoning.
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