Medical Should i Pass/Fail Calculus 2?

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Sep 30, 2008
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Hi all,

I'm a freshman, and I just completed the spring semester. It's been a long ride this entire semester, with my mom receiving surgery in January, the Texas winter storm in February, and my mom receiving another surgery in April, I've had to withdraw from Chem Lab II to lighten my workload in order to take care of her and the house since I live alone with her and my 14 year-old sister. I've received most of my grades, an A in Bio Lab II and history II, an A- in Bio II, B+ in Chem II, and I'm waiting for calculus II but I am expecting a B- or C+ from my own calculations. Would it be alright to pass/fail calculus II? My GPA from last semester was a 3.9, so I know that keeping a B- or C+ isn't the end of the world, but since my university has offered interim grading because of the storm, should I take advantage of this? Or would this not look good in my future medical school application since I've already withdrawn from a class?

Some extra information: I'm taking chem lab II over this summer, and biostats, ochem, and genetics in the fall.

Thank you!

A single P/F here or there (particularly in a COVID semester) is not going to raise any eyebrows. If doing this will not set you back on your degree this would be reasonable.

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Unless you major requires a non P/F, you might as well take it. There are few schools that require Calc II as a prerequisite though if you are TMDAS, you need at least 3 semester hours in Calc, so if you did the AP, you'll need to have other hours somehow.
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