Medical Should I change my personal statement for a new cycle?

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Mar 12, 2013
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After failing to get into med school last cycle, I am preparing to reapply next summer. A big weakness in my first application was a poorly written personal statement. I focused too much on how I improved my grades and learned to study, rather than emphasizing why I want to become a doctor. Improving my grades supports why I could be a good doctor, but I think it is irrelevant to discuss in my new personal statement. How should I re-write my essay to emphasize why I want to become a doctor without sounding too dishonest in my reasoning? I heard that some med schools will compare past personal statements, so I am worried that my story may seem too different. Thanks.
Only you know the answer to this question. Why do YOU want to spend the next 7 years at a minimum in training to become a doctor?

I agree though that your statement shouldn’t be about your grades. Dig deep and write about WHY you wanna be a doctor.


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Sep 28, 2009
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If you didn't get in last year because of your personal statement, I hope that every single medical school DOES, in fact, look at your personal statement and say, "WOW. That looks very different from last year."

Write a better personal statement. Just do it. Who cares if it's different than last year's? Last year's didn't get you in!
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