Medical Should I discuss brain Injury in Personal Statement?

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Jun 11, 2010
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I had a mild traumatic brain injury during high school that greatly changed my life and would demonstrate my determination, resiliency, and adaptability amongst other things. I have no significant impairment now and would feel comfortable discussing the experience in an interview. However, I have been given some feedback from my advisor that mentioning this in my personal statement could lead to an unintentional bias against me since many people have a picture of what a person with a brain injury is like and it could negatively affect my application. I know that legally there can be no discrimination of a person with a disability, but, would it be better to leave this out and instead speak about a different experience? I also plan on incorporating a long-term volunteering experience and a clinical experience into my personal statement as well.

Let me know if there's any further information you need to provide guidance and thank you in advance!
If your academics are fine, the TBI will NOT be an issue.
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