Should I do a 2nd BS in Chemistry or Biology before applying to medical school?

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As noted in previous posts, my initial undergraduate degree is in an unrelated field. Should I complete a 2nd bachelors in a science field to fulfill my premed requirements before taking the MCAT and submitting my apps?

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What is your sGPA? You could pursue a DIY post bacc with the main premed prereqs Gen Chem I and II, Bio I and II, Physics I and II, Orgo I and II, Biochem and Genetics with their labs. (no need for Biochem Lab).

maybe take some additional upper division classes. Would be easier than having to redo an entire bachelors
so my first degree was in Finance, masters - in Health care administration. When i decided to go to medical school, i realized that it would take me at least 2 years to finish all the prerequisites. And medical school was very competitive, so i was thinking , -what if i DO NOT get into medical school? what would i rather do with my life? and i thought, - well, id rather be a scientist than anything else. So i decided to get BS in Chemistry, so that even if i do not get into medical school, i can do something related. So, i DID decide to get another degree, but that was more to give myself a chance to pursue a scientific career in life.
If you are pretty happy with your current career though (As a backup option), do not do it. Just take classes in a local college to get preprequisites done.