I got a B in my biology class....and am wanting to transfer for fall next year. Should I take a Chemistry 1 class or Biology 2 class for my next sem.?

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Jun 5, 2023
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I'm going to a community college for 2 semesters, and then I plan on transferring to a 4-year university. I'm majoring in Biology. I've been out of HS for a few years so I completely forgot/underestimated how much time is needed for school work, but I learned now.
I took 3 classes in my 1st semester that just ended, and got A's in 2 classes (English and a random course that's required for all new freshmen), but I got a B in Biology 1. I also work full time, so I used a lot of my free time resting or relaxing, or doing other things I had to do. My bio professor was very laid back and allowed assignments to be late as long as they were completed by the end of the semester. I know I could have completed them if I pushed myself harder throughout the semester instead of waiting last minute to do them, but I ran out of time and got a B. If I would have finished my assignments, I would have gotten an A+. I definetly learned my lesson and will never do that again.

I'm wanting to transfer into a good and competitive university where I live, and they aren't ivy league but their average accepted applicant GPA is 3.8, which is pretty much the same as average accepted applicants to ivy league schools. I will also be doing other things to make my application more competitive by doing volunteer work, joining the honors society at my school, etc.

At the moment, I have to choose between taking Biology 2 for my next semester before transferring, or take Chemistry 1 (I plan on taking other classes in the spring semester too, but the Bio-2 and Chem-1 class times conflict with eachother for the professors I want)

So my question is, since I'm majoring in Biology, will it look bad that I got a B in that class when I apply to transfer, even if all the other classes are/will be A's?
If it looks bad, should I take Biology 2 in my next semester before I apply to transfer to make up for the B I got in Biology 1?
Or should/can I take Chemistry 1 next?

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Don't worry about one B. You learned a hard lesson and have a better idea of what you need to do going forward.

I would recommend taking Biology II at the school where you took Biology I as not every school splits one and two in the same way and this way you are sure to get everything that you should get rather than ending up somewhere for Bio II that would skip over some things you need to know and repeat some material that your CC teaches in Bio I.
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