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Mar 12, 2013
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I am a senior at UNC Chapel Hill and I want to apply this coming summer to med school. I was wondering if I should wait another year and gain more volunteering hours and do a Masters/Post-Bac. my GPA is over 3.7 (3.9 for last semester) for all years except my junior year where I had an issue with a medical condition that severely affected me, but I also happened to take a lot of science classes during this time. I am URM, but not economically disadvantaged.
undergrad: university of north carolina at chapel hill
cGPA: 3.62
sGPA: 3.4
MCAT: 520
Clinical hours: 250 (EMT)
Hospital volunteering: 100 (may be more when I apply depending on COVID), but my experience was less clinical and more working with underserved populations
BIOL101 peer mentor for 4 semesters w/ leadership role in organization
4 yrs research experience in various labs (no pubs) >1000 hrs
Shadowing: ~80 hrs in various specialties + a few hours virtual shadowing during COVID
other volunteering here and there through pre-health organization and delivering food to families during COVID
URM (afro-Caribbean, but not economically disadvantaged)
my LizzyM score is 73, but the schools recommended seem out of reach due to my GPA, so I am not sure what to do
Do you have any non-clinical volunteering? For example, helping others less fortunate? (Soup kitchen, etc)
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Not open for further replies.