Should I drop my app for UIC?


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Apr 30, 2009
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So I'm a California resident, applied to 12 schools, including UI Chicago.
UIC had sent me an email asking me to send a $65 application fee.
I am going broke from applying to 12 schools and considering to not send in my application fee and just drop my application for UIC. What do you guys think? After all, I think UIC only accepts about a handfull of out of state residents.

My DAT scores are around 20, but GPA is not that high.
Suggestions and advices would be greatly appreciated.


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Jul 20, 2008
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UIC in the past had more that a 1000 OOS applicants each year, interview about 30 out of them and gave acceptances to about 15. Their OOS tuition and fees went up to above 80K for OOS.
You do the math.

UIC is a great school at a great price... if you're from Illinois. If not, it has the highest OOS tuition in the country (yes, more than USC and NYU). Like KitKat said, it is extremely expensive and extremely difficult to get into OOS (even more difficult with the low GPA). Most likely, applying to UIC from OOS is equivalent to flushing $65 down the toilet. There are better choices that you could apply to (see signature).

That said, the OOS students that I did talk to seemed to all be from UCLA, and they all said it was the only school they were accepted to (they would have gone somewhere else because of the cost). Granted I only talked to 3 of them, but it was 3 for 3, so based on personal experience that is 100% ;)

If UIC is a dream school, go ahead and apply there... if not, there are much better choices...
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