Should I drop Physics 2?

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Apr 8, 2008
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ok here is the deal. I have currently taking Physics 2 which is my only prereq for med school left. I am also taking a Princeton prep course which requires a lot of homework time and effort. The thing is my physics 2 professor is crazy!!! he assigns A LOT of hw to be due every class day!!! both conceptual, concepts, and problem solving. pages after pages!

I just don't have enough time in the day to do all of his homework plus the prep course's hw, my Genetics, Biochem, research, volunteering, and shadowing. Not to include my total credit hour for the semester is 16.

So my question is, if i drop physics 2 and take it later, will it affect my chances? will medical school not take my application because I am not done with my prereq? Do they care about physics 2 if i take it later?

Please help and advise. Thanks!

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sorry it's "I am currently taking physics 2" not "I have currently taking physics 2". typo :)
It should not be an issue for medical schools as long as you complete it before you start medical school. I think you need to see if you will be able to learn the material well enough for the MCAT.
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As I begin to study for USMLE step 1, while still passing my schools obnoxious health policy, and clinical skills courses, in addition to attending lectures and all my required PBL Time....Let me re-assure you. You have time to do your physics homework and study for the MCAT. As you progress the work gets harder and you have to be able to adapt. Its normal to feel overwhelmed.

Don't drop physics, use this as a chance to work on your Time management skills. You might be able to use it for something to talk about at one of your interviews next year. Try to make it positive.

Hope this helps,

: )
What I don't get is why you say the Princeton prep course has homework and requires a lot of effort. At my class we just take notes for the 2 hours then we're done. They'll assign readings but I never do them, I don't have any time at the moment with 20 units. Your prep course HW is not important and should not take any sort of priority over your classes.
well i say the PR has required hw because i consider it as hw. they have an outline of what to do. and i am up to date on that because i feel like if i do them, i will get more practice with different subjects and pick up a few new things not in the book which i find helpful.

it's just me. my PR lecture is 6hrs. long each day, Saturday and Sunday.

ok i guess if i can juggle physics 2 then i can juggle medical school. i was afraid that it would cut into my MCAT studying time.