Should I drop this class?

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Dec 23, 2023
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I am in a neuroscience class and I feel like the way the teacher phrases her questions may end up with me getting a B in the class instead of an A.

I wouldn't get a W if I drop this week.

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As your username implies, you’re way overthinking this. You should ask your professor for feedback on the second question so you can not only learn the material but also better understand how she is thinking about what she is testing you on.

If you want to drop a course because you don’t like a prof that is your prerogative. However, the question you need to consider is how this would affect your progression in your major, and also how it will affect your courseload down the road especially as you plan out when you’re intending on taking the MCAT and fitting in your ECs. There is no great sink cost for dropping at this point, but you may cause a future semester to be more stressful which could impact your performance down the road.
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