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Oct 7, 2014
Chicago, IL
Hi, I'm new to the forums here.
I'm highly considering dropping my OMIS259 (an intro excel class) class due to my disinterest in business and due to the fact that I have been behind in that class since September.

I am a freshman pre-dental biology major at NIU so I am seeking the best advice possible. I have read that a few Ws on a transcript isn't too bad, so I'm hoping that my one W wouldn't break me; And I do plan for it to be just ONE W. I have no plans to drop any other classes in the future. I was initially a marketing/finance major but changed to Bio after realizing I wanted to pursue dentistry, which I have always highly been interested in. But by the time I changed my major to Bio (mid-September), I was already, unintentionally, behind in the class. I find it dreadfully boring during lectures and the Excel homework itself isn't difficult, but there is so much of it. And with all the assignments and assessments I have to still submit, which dates back to the beginning of the semester, it cuts in with my other classes. My major priorities lie within the sciences.

So I am seeking advice: should I drop this class? Will this be more beneficial to me in the long run, or detrimental? I heard my GPA would benefit.
I am pretty solid student, I would say. I haven't received a quiz/test score lower than 88% my first semester in college so far. Obviously with the exception of this business class. I study daily for my biology and math courses and plan to apply to dental school after I take the DAT (which I plan to take the semester after I complete my OChem courses). Would one measly W break my chances of getting into dental school? Seeking for insight.