Should I list a future course in AMCAS?

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Mar 26, 2010
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one of the courses General Chemistry II, I received credit for by taking an exam administered by my school's chemistry department.

I know that many schools exclude AP credit, but this is not AP technically.

Just to have bases covered should I state on my application that I'm planning on taking GenChemII in the future? If I get accepted to a school that requires it, then I will take it otherwise I wont.

Also, some schools now require a semester biochem. Should I do the same thing? It just doesn't make sense having to take a course that's not required by most schools. And not listing it as a future class will probably hurt my application?

any ideas?

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I'm not sure if you can list them unless you are enrolled in them. For example, this is my schedule for the spring semester..
I could just exclude the courses from AMCAS and contact the med schools with special requirements directly telling them that I'm willing to take the courses.

This is what AMCAS help states regarding this topic:

Use this Course Type designation for any courses you are currently taking or expect to take before entering medical school. Listing these courses is especially important if you have not yet completed medical school prerequisites. No AMCAS grade will be assigned.
These entries are not binding or required, but are intended to give the medical schools an indication of what courses you expect to complete before matriculation. Current/future courses do not have to appear on a transcript to be entered in coursework listing. AMCAS will not add, remove, or modify current/future courses after the application is submitted. If this information changes, please contact your medical schools directly.
If current/future grades are entered, but not listed on the official transcript at the time of verification, they will not be included in the AMCAS GPA. Likewise, if grades are not entered, at the time of verification appear on the official transcript on file at AMCAS, they will be included in the AMCAS GPA.