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Dec 28, 2007
I am in a delimma. I have 1 month till my real Mcat test date (may 31) and right now my score is 20. I was wondering if I postpone my Mcat date to july or agust it would become too late and lose acceptance chance since the med school application processing is based on rolling base (Comes first serve first). But I also heard that if I apply to med school june and send my Mact scores say agust it would be still good since it takes 1 month for med school to process the application first. Is it true. Thanks.


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Jun 27, 2007
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Yes, you should seriously consider delaying your MCAT. You're scores are not nearly high enough for med school. If you don't see a major improvement in your scores (consistently getting a minimum of 30) before your last chance to reschedule, definitely move the test back. It doesn't matter how early you get your app in when you're averaging a 20 because a 20 on the real thing will kill your app. It's better to wait until you're ready to take the MCAT. Worst case if you delay taking, get a good score and don't get in, is that you will be among the first next cycle.


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Dec 16, 2006
I would delay for sure- I had mine scheduled for May 10th originally but got busy with school so I switched to July 8. Better to wait a little longer and have a solid score than rush it and have a big pimple of a score on your application!
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