Medical Should I repeat personal statement story in challenge topic secondary?

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Oct 14, 2011
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In my personal statement I mention for about 2 paragraphs my father losing his job and how in part that experience shaped my commitment to healthcare. I was wondering if it would be inadvisable for me to repeat this story for the 'a challenge you have faced' secondary essay topic. I would try to bring a new perspective to it (specifically the experience of losing my health insurance) and also try to delve into more detail about specific things I did to remedy it which I discussed more superficially in my personal statement.

At this moment the alternative topic for this secondary would probably be my coming out experience, but that is something I will likely mention in my diversity essay and I don't want to come off as one dimensional with that.

Thank You!
As a screener, my preference is to not repeat the same story in an application among your written essays. You should be able to write about 3-5 different challenges you have faced in your life and multiple influences to your decision to be a health care provider. So be careful in how you write it.
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