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Jan 1, 2009
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Alright so I've discussed these awhile back but now as AMCAS is approaching I need ot make final decisions here. I have two tickets

1. Having an open container of alcohol in GA- according to my research GA is one of 7 states where this is not a misdemeanor an appears to be a city ordinance- like a parking ticket
2. Jumping a subway turnstile (just 2 weeks after turning 18 and being stupid of course) in NYC- according to my research here in NYC this appears to be called an infraction which is not a misdemeanor

I ran an online CBC of myself- and it had records that I as a human existed, but no reports of anything Ive done. What was especially curious was that it listed my sister and parents as relatives but had no record of my brother. My bro is the only one in the fam. who as never received even a parking ticket...

Anyway......I am paranoid because people claim that Certiphi can find alot- has anyone had an infraction like these be reported? Any helpful advice?


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Feb 11, 2009
You can run the Certiphi check yourself:

You need an AAMC ID number though, and I am not sure how much it costs. If it comes up clear, no need to list anything on your application. Usually, if it is lower than a misdemeanor, it won't show up.


Hmm.. looks like you need an application code. You will get one after you submit your application, I think you can then go back and modify information if something shows up.