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Apr 18, 2020
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Hi everyone,
So I’m pretty lost and just not at peace with myself rn lmao. I got my rejection email from my last school yesterday and not I’m debating on what to do. I’ll reapply but I’m not sure which route to take to enhance my app. I applied really late in the cycle in November so I’m wondering if that played as a factor. I might have to retake my DAT but I already took it twice and improved but still not as competitive as I like.
My stats:
GPA: 3.0
DAT: 17
PAT: 20
- Shadow Hrs: 6 years of experience as a DA (I do impressions, pour up models, etc. Lots of Hands on experience)
- I’ve done biochem research for 2 years during my undergrad (I didn’t get published tho)
- My volunteer hrs are low.
- I have really good and strong LOR from 2 professors and a dentist
Do you all think I should retake the DAT or just increase my volunteer hrs and apply EARLY in June rather than what I did which was in November?
Any advice and words of advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Dec 23, 2019
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You need to retake. Unfortunately with a gpa on the lower end you will need a higher DAT (or at least around the accepted average) to be competitive. Aim for a higher DAT score and try to apply as early as you can while still achieving a good score. I would say try to get the exam taken by early August if possible. Best of luck.