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  1. H

    Should I retake DAT?

    Hi everyone, So I’m pretty lost and just not at peace with myself rn lmao. I got my rejection email from my last school yesterday and not I’m debating on what to do. I’ll reapply but I’m not sure which route to take to enhance my app. I applied really late in the cycle in November so I’m...
  2. B

    Interested in specializing after dental school

    Hello everyone! I’m currently applying to dental school and I’ve been waitlisted at the University of Pittsburgh and I have an upcoming interview with LECOM. I am very interested in specializing after dental school, and I know Pitt has a great program for that. However, LECOM prides itself on...
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  4. btslove1234

    I got rejection letter from LECOM?!

    Hello! I'm a sophomore in college and few weeks ago I applied from early acceptance for Dental school in LECOM. The early acceptance only wanted my current college GPA and my High School GPA and SAT score but they didn't ask for any volunteer work or anything. my college gpa: 3.69 highschool...
  5. D

    I am a dental re-applicant and I am worried...

    Thank you.
  6. M

    Should I retake DAT?

    My first time taking DAT Bio/GC/OC/PAT/QR/RC/TS/AA My scores are 20/18/21/23/22/19/20/20. I am a non-traditional students, my previous school I had 3.3 GPA and at my new school which i am currently attending which I have taken 80+ Credit Hours I have 3.6 GPA. Overall science I have 3.4 GPA...
  7. HNH96

    Need Advice - Go to interview or reapply to state school?

    Hey everyone! So to start off, when I applied to this cycle I applied to schools that I could see myself at because of my family, the familiarity, or because I loved the school. However, when I applied I was single and thinking just about my current situation. I had an interview at my state...
  8. R

    Question about loans and financial aspect of dentistry in the US for a Canadian student

    Hi I'm currently a 3rd year sciences student in Canada. My plan is to go into dentistry in Canada however the schools here are very competitive so I'm definitely going to be applying to a lot of USA schools as well. I've been looking at the fees for a lot of dental schools and I've seen ranges...
  9. R

    Preparing for Dental School

    I just finished my 2nd year of my biology degree, my current GPA is 3.7, I can definitely get it higher, by the time I finish it'll be close to 3.8/ 3.85 I hope, I haven't really done any extracurriculars other than becoming an executive for my University's Golden Key Chapter. Have not done any...
  10. S

    B on government !! UT Dental school

    Hello everyone! I am very depressed right now ever since I found out that I have earned myself a B on Government 1. I took the class as my dual credit class in my high school year. I transferred the class to my university, and my university only took the credits, not the grades. Despite that, my...
  11. D

    Biology to DH to Dental school?

    Okay, so I have been dealing with a bit of a problem these last few months. I'm currently enrolled in a four year school as a biology major, having most of my general education requirements and basic science courses (Bio, Gen Chem) out of the way. I'm now going into my Sophomore year at the...
  12. P

    Lost please help!

    Hello, I started undergrad in 2012 and I'm still not done yet. Due to my grades I will have to take some classes over to graduate, which are pre-reqs for dental school. I really want to be a dentist. I am super bummed I am not graduating during my 4 years in college which will eventually turn...
  13. D

    Dental College Requirement/Addmission

    I am trying to go in the Dental School in Florida. Right now i am looking at either UF or NOVA. Mostly I have C or C+ in my chems and orgo 1. I am retaking orgo 1 to get an A but I got D in cell bio and genetics. I am retaking Cell bio but I don't know if i should retake Genetics or not because...
  14. BootySlayer

    Debrecen University Dental Program

    Hey, I was wondering if there was anyone on SDN that could shed a little more light on the dental program at Debrecen University in Hungary? I am a recent graduate (BS in Bio) from a California school and am interested in applying to Debrecen for dental school. My GPA as of right now is less...