Jan 14, 2020
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I took my DAT recently and ended up with a 20 AA and 19 TS. I got 19 all across the sciences and QR. 23 RC and 21 PAT.

I have a 3.96 GPA and 100+ shadowing hours. Volunteering hours a little less than 100 due to COVID. I am a Texas resident but applying to some OOS. Do I have a good chance at dental school interviews/ acceptances?

In addition, I am interested in serving under AF or Navy with the HPSP scholarship. I know that most averages for this scholarship are higher than 20 DAT, however, I am hoping my GPA will balance out my DAT score.

Thoughts? Thank you!!
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Aug 15, 2019
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I got put on waitlist for navy and never heard anything more with a 3.72 overall, 3.74 science, 22 AA, 21 TS so I would say you should retake it if you want a very high chance of getting in
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Aug 19, 2018
Navy HPSP here - spoke to recruiters in all 3 branches and was told from all of them that they really like DAT scores and that GPA after 3.5+ is a wash which is a shame since you have a great application package. This is especially true for AF and Navy since they are historically more competitive and BOLC has cut down on the number of scholarships in the navy by half (to about 50) which will make it even more competitive, combined with increasing costs and number of applicants. I was told when I applied over 2 years ago that a 23+ DAT basically locked you in so long as the rest of your package and LORs was in check, but that may be changing. If you have the time, finances, and mental capacity, I would advise retaking the DAT and aiming for 22+. Whether or not you should be doing HPSP as a Tx resident potentially going to a Tx school is a whole nother conversation however. Best of luck!
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