Should I retake the DAT?

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Aug 8, 2022
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I took the exam on July 22.


PAT - 20
MATH - 18
RC - 16
BIO - 23
GC - 28
OC - 30

TS - 26
AA - 23

English is my second language. That’s why the low RC. Should I worry?

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Congrats on the score! Unfortunately even being a student with English as a second language, a RC score of 16 is pretty low and some schools have 17 score minimums that will result in an automatic rejection. Are you an international student? Some schools also require international students to have scores of 20-21+ for RC. Have you done well in your English/writing-intensive pre-requisite requirements at your University?

I would reach out to the schools you’re interested in and see if that score would negatively impact your chances of admission. Better to check now before you spend thousands on applications.
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you have to wait 3 months to retake, and there is no guarantee you will do as good AA/TS next time
do not retake

have you submitted yet?
what are your gpas?
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Using English as a second language as a crutch is a rather lame excuse, assuming you did your college education in the US.
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