Should I send in my LORs all at once, or wait until my DO letter is finished?


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Jan 13, 2015
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So I have the minimum requirements for LORs finished for most of my schools, sans the ones that require a DO letter. I have a committee letter, MD letter, and a letter from my research supervisor/PI (who also was a professor for one of my science classes). I have recently shadowed a DO and will ask him in the next few days for a LOR.

My question is: should I send all the letters I have finished now, and risk schools evaluating my application without a potential DO letter that could help me, or wait until my DO LOR is finished to send them all at once? I know you can update schools with LORs, but isn't it possible they reject me before they receive the DO LOR?

Thanks for any help.


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Feb 28, 2012
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Don't most schools require a DO letter? Unless you have a MD letter already? The problem with not sending everything all at once is that you'll have to call each school after you send out your last letter to make sure they got it, because for some reason many DO schools only automatically download your AACOMAS info once at first, and don't automatically download updated information that you may have added later on. But, if you already have a MD letter to complete at most schools, then just send out your LORs and call the last couple of schools to let them know after you send your DO letter later.