May 19, 2009
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Hey everyone, I have been studying since June with the TPR classroom courses and have taken 6 TPR exams. I don't want to waste my AAMC exams because I might postpone my test date (Aug 21st) to later if I am not scoring well on practice exams (I am a rising Junior so I have time).

I am worried about Bio because everyone here says TPR bio is easier than actual MCAT and it is actually quiet difficult for me (highest has been 11)

Here are my TPR scores:

TPR 1 BS 8 PS 6 VR 9 23
TPR 2 BS 9 PS 7 VR 9 25
TPR 3 BS 10 PS 10 VR 8 28
TPR 4 BS 11 PS 10 VR 9 30
TPR 5 BS 10 PS 7 VR 9 26 (bad day...)
TPR 6 BS 10 PS 8 VR 9 28

Do you guys think I should start taking some AAMC? I feel like a lot of the ones I miss on BS/PS are content related, and the occasional ridiculous passage. I have been practicing/content reviewing as I go (going over wrong answers is in a way content reviewing). Should I wait until my BS scores are higher on TPR before doing AAMC? I hear most people on this site saying TPR BS is wayyy easier than actual, and that PS and VR are a little harder.



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Jan 14, 2008
Take AAMC 3 (the free one) to gauge where you are at content wise. If you're not where you want to be then continue content review or other practice exams. If you are then continue the AAMC exams up to 10. AAMC 3 isn't a good score predictor but it is good at showing you if you know your content well enough.

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