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should I transfer?

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by Jim Henderson, Aug 23, 1999.

  1. Jim Henderson

    10+ Year Member

    Aug 22, 1999
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    > Hello Dr. Henderson! I just want to tell you how
    > appreciative I am of you
    > for putting up this wonderful site for aspiring
    > premed students. I really
    > want to become a doctor, but I'm in sort of a really
    > sour pickle. Let me
    > explain....
    > I am a junior right now at a no-name state
    > university. I really like
    > the school and think
    > it's great, but I don't know how admissions officers
    > will see it. That is
    > why I applied as a transfer student to Washington
    > Univ. St Louis. I don't
    > want to give you the impression that I applied there
    > just for the
    > prestige(I think I already did). I really like the
    > school and think that
    > they have a lot more to offer than my present
    > school. I'll be transferring
    > to Wash. as a senior, but major-wise, I'm only a
    > junior because I changed
    > my major from CS to Biochem in my sophmore year. Do
    > you think I should
    > transfer? I'm afraid that when I get there, I won't
    > have as good
    > student-faculty relationship as I presently have
    > here. On the plus side,
    > there is so much more research opportunity at Wash.
    > This is only one of
    > the problems I have to deal with. The other is of a
    > more serious nature.
    > My cum. gpa is around a 3.4 (will be around a
    > 3.55~3.60 if I pull all A's
    > next year. I'm very afraid of my record. I don't
    > know how admissions
    > officers will view my record in light at what has
    > happened to me during my
    > freshman and sophmore years. My grandma, who was as
    > close as to me as my
    > mother, passed away during the first semester of my
    > freshman year. Even
    > though I don't want to blame the death of my
    > grandmother to my bad
    > grades, I don't deny that it had a direct impact on
    > it. I recovered (I
    > think) my second semester by pulling all A's even
    > though I had only 13
    > credits. I took a light load, on advice from my
    > parents. Everything was
    > going smoothly during my sophmore year when one day,
    > my dad called me from
    > Taiwan. He informed me that he was diagnosed with
    > lung cancer. I couldn't
    > believe it. I completely bombed on my finals
    > the following week. Ever since I was little, my dad
    > was like superman to
    > me... and knowing that my dad was diagnosed with
    > cancer, I just couldn't
    > believe it. After that, I just didn't care
    > aboutanything. Classes
    > at that point was the least of my concerns. After
    > having numerous talks
    > with my parents, I began to accept my dad's
    > shortcomings and as a result
    > my grades improved slightly. Second semester of my
    > sophmore year, I had a 3.2 All B's and 1 A. Next
    > year I pulled all A's
    > and 1 B. This is the juncture I am at right now. I
    > have 1 F, 2 Ds, 1 W,
    > and countless B's. I did take retake the four
    > courses, in which I received
    > 2 A's and 2 B's. Whether you believe me or not, I
    > really am a good
    > student. I honestly think I can continue to do well,
    > either at Wash. or
    > here. I just don't know if admission officers will
    > be so forthcoming. If
    > I do well on my MCATs, do I have any chance
    > whatsoever?? How do you think
    > the admissions committee will see me?
    > I understand you're are a very busy doctor, so just
    > take your time with
    > your reply.
    > Thanks
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  2. drhenderson

    drhenderson Senior Member
    10+ Year Member

    Jul 24, 1999
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    Thanks for your letter. It is not entirely important
    to transfer. If you will be set back a year, I'd
    probably recommend that you don't transfer. If you
    have developed good working relationships with your
    faculty in Alaska, you probably have a good chance of
    geting good letters.
    Your grades, MCAT scores, letters of recommendation,
    volunteer experience, research experience, and other
    extra-curricular activities will be more important
    than anything. If you do well on your MCATs, pull off
    those As, and have good supporting credentials I'm
    sure you will be a strong candidate for med school
    Best of luck,

    Jim Henderson, MD
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