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Mar 12, 2013
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I am looking for guidance on how to properly withdraw my application for certain schools. I submitted my application prior to knowing my MCAT scores since my test was pushed back 4+ times due to COVID-19. Two weeks before my first attempt my friend tragedy passed away (493) then I retook it 1 month later and my computer crash in the middle of it (489). I tried submitting a complaint and it was a nightmare. Long story short they didn't do anything about it. My score is NOT what I was expected to test based on my practice exams.

My application is now "verified/complete" and I want to withdraw my application for certain schools that I have received secondary applications from, as I have a very low chance of getting accepted and would be a waste of money at this point. What would I say in that email to each schools admissions counselor? Do I mention the troubles with MCAT above ^ ?? I will most likely re-apply next cycle so I want to be respectful and professional in my email since I know it's much harder to get in as a second time applicant!
To be 100% honest, I would withdraw your application 100% from ALL schools and reapply next year. Your scores are basically going to be DOA at both MD and DO schools and you are wasting your money and time sending in secondaries. A ton of schools just send out secondaries to everyone to fill their pockets.

What is your GPA/ECs? On average, you need to be getting close to 505 to have a chance at DO and 511 to have a chance at MD. You are nowhere near these numbers.


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Oct 27, 2013
I appreciate your honesty! I've considered doing that as well, I am thinking of applying to 3-4 schools max since I'm already considered a second time applicant at this point. I know my score is far from where it was supposed to be. Based on the info below do you still think I should withdraw from all schools?
GPA: 3.5
ECs: 3 years clinical experience as a MA + more previously working at a nursing home, the past 2 years I have been in charge of training and development for incoming employees, currently head of our EMR training on top of my clinical job, 2 months of research with underserved community (cut short 3 months early due to COVID-19), 1 year internship within quality department at a hospital, 1,000+ hours of medical/non-medical volunteering, 30 hours of shadowing
Yes. Withdraw. Your 493 is DOA as it was. Follow that with a 2nd score that was lower? I cannot think of anywhere that will consider those scores, let alone a drop in score.

You need to retake and get 505+. If you retake and do not AT LEAST break 500 (which is still on the low end), then you're SOL to be blunt.

Withdraw. Study. Take only when ABSOLUTELY READY and getting 507/508+ consistently on available practice exams.


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Sep 28, 2009
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I would just withdraw. There's no need for an explanation, and you don't need to send an e-mail to anyone. I would simply not complete my secondaries, and if the school has a button for you to withdraw on a portal, click it. You're one in a million until you've finished your secondaries.
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