SHSU v El Paso (Texas Match)

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Jul 10, 2023
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Hello everyone! I hope everyone is having a fantastic application cycle. I'm struggling to decide the rankings for Sam Houston State D.O school (SHSU) and El Paso M.D school. Can someone please give me advice/insights on how I should rank them? Here are some pros and cons between the two:

- Sam Houston D.O
Pro: 1. Recently got state funding so tuition is now very affordable
2. Located in Conroe (kinda close to Houston)
3. If I go here I don't have to worry about housing (Family members offered to house me)
1. New school so they don't have a Match list yet
2. Have to travel far for clinicals

- El Paso M.D
Pro: 1. Affordable tuition + rent
2. More established institution
3. Students here are very friendly and there are lots of outdoor activities
Con: 1. FAR AWAY from the Texas triangle

I appreciate any help and input! Thank you!

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Established MD > New D.O.
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