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Mar 26, 2004
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I was wondering if anyone has any advice or suggestion for my situation. My bf is currently a PhD student at one of the top state med school right now (UWisc Madison). I will be applying to UWisc as an out state student.

I don't know how much weight medical schools put on these personal issues. I'd love to be attending the same school and get married :) (possibly), etc. Since my bf and I are already talking about these things, would being "engaged" rather than "dating" help out?

Was anyone else (is anyone else) in the same situation? How will this help/not help with my chances? (I'm a little bit below the stat, but I'm also attending one of the hardest tech schools in the country(ehem, mit... Yah, does great for gpa.), and I should have a strong personal statement, etc.)



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Nov 25, 2002
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well before anything...

the school needs to see you as a qualified applicant for their medical school. if they see your stuff and plan on giving you a rejection off the bat or post secondary, your personal situation wont matter too much to them.

now if you get an interview and they see you as a potential student then this is when things can get good and you can explain how this is the school for you esp because your SO is there as well.

you can do this verbally during the interview if they ask why Mad...or do it in an letter of intent post interview or if you happen to get on a waitlist for that school.

you are coming from a respected institution and if your mcat is good and your supporting evidence on your application is strong, i would have to say that you have a pretty competitive chance...
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