silly question-- can't find answer


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Jul 19, 2009
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    OK, So I have some Fs on my transcript that are holding down my gpa. One is science and others not. These are from years ago when I wasn't focused... at all. :)

    My UG university doesn't factor it into cu gpa if I get a c or better when retaking the course.. which shouldn't be a problem!

    So what I'm wondering is, when factoring my current gpa for med school apps in my head, do i include the Fs, or do I replace them with my grades the second time around? it makes a huuuuuge difference in gpa (3.4 to 3.7, assuming my grades stay high) How will admissions committees look at it?

    (my gpa shows upward trend, and I aim to keep it that way!)

    ...this may not be the exact thread i should post in, so i apologize-- but i'm thinking it relates to my chances so here goes! thanks in advance, guys!:love:
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