1. chilly_md

    2023-2024 Case Western Reserve

    Please feel free to tag a pre-medical moderator once the secondary prompt has been posted. Good luck to everyone applying! Interview feedback:
  2. O

    OMS Research Fellowship - Informational webinar on June 21

    Are you planning a career in OMS? Are you interested in research? Join us for an information zoom webinar on June 21, 8 p.m. EDT, regarding the Osteo Science Foundation OMS Research Fellowship. The purpose of the OMS Research Fellowship is to stimulate a lifelong interest in regenerative...
  3. R

    D.O. Students: Research Participation Request!

    Dear Osteopathic Medical Student(s): We are second-year medical students at Kansas City University working on an IRB-approved project that aims to gather information about the abortion educational offerings at medical schools. As part of this project, we would like to request your participation...
  4. combap

    Institutional Action First Semester Freshman Year

    Hey all, I'm relatively new to posting on SDN, and I hope this post isn't too horrendously long to read. Posted this on Reddit, but I received advice from a few people who had IA's on Reddit to post on here as well to receive feedback. Okay, so I've been on premed Reddit the past few days just...
  5. G

    PsyD Programs

    Hi everyone, I am currently deciding between three different PsyD programs: 1) The Florida School or Professional Psychology- Clinical Psychology 2) Kean University- Combined School and Clinical Psychology 3) The Chicago School of Professional Psychology (DC campus) -Clinical Psychology I...
  6. R

    Should I stick with this research experience?

    I've really been struggling finding research for my summer after M1. I'm currently interested in psych and FM, but this could change. One potential research experience is with a psychologist where I create an annotated bibliography to help them with the intro of a grant proposal of theirs. I...
  7. L

    Clinical research position at Weill Cornell Medicine's Sean Parker Institute for the Voice

    Weill Cornell Medicine | Sean Parker Institute for the Voice The Sean Parker Institute for the Voice in NYC is offering a paid clinical research position that would be ideal for pre-meds or med students interested in Otolaryngology who are deferring graduation. This position offers a robust...
  8. C

    Relevant Research Experience? Should I apply for a different job?

    Hi guys, I have a dilemma that I need some assistance with. Some information has been changed for privacy purposes, but veracity has not been altered. It is my goal to become a clinical psychologist. However, I am concerned on a number of fronts: that I do not have enough research experience...
  9. D

    2023-2024 Potential Applicant Question!

    Hi! Making this post for a friend and hoping I post in the right location. He was planning to go to an international volunteer program and apply in the summer of 2024. However, now he is thinking of applying this summer. He got accepted to the volunteer program and is now unsure of what option...
  10. psychjc

    What are the options for clinical psychology work abroad (outside the US)?

    Hi all! I'm currently a 5th year clinical psychology Ph.D. student who will be starting my predoctoral internship program this summer (which is a little more research-oriented than average). My wife works remotely and has some interest in us potentially living and working abroad (either...
  11. YoungDaggy

    (WAMC) No IIs 2023 Cycle, Reapply this year or wait until 2024?

    Graduated in Spring 2022 with a 4.00 GPA; currently taking a gap year. I took the MCAT twice (never did CARS practice): 503 (129/121/126/127) in 04/21; ran out of time at the end of C/P and skipped ~4.5 CARS passages. I didn’t really study for it and took it during a semester, dumb mistake I...
  12. H

    Research as a MD? MD/PhD? MD/MS

  13. C

    Survey on Radiology Resident Selection Process, Interview Formats, More

    The University of Louisville Department of Radiology is conducting a timely IRB-approved survey on the current Radiology resident selection process, with particular emphasis on the various interview formats. The survey also addresses the impact of the change in Step 1 scoring and attitudes...
  14. O

    Vanderbilt Summer Anesthesiology Program

    Anyone have experience with the Vanderbilt summer anesthesiology program? I recently got accepted, but I'm not too sure if this is a funded program and/or if it is worth going to. I was thinking I would do research at my home institution and continue projects longitudinally - I'm also not too...
  15. R

    Should I stick with this potential research opportunity or look somewhere else?

    I'm trying to figure out research for the summer after M1. The first physician that got back to me had a project idea but had not really planned it out yet (and it sounds like we'll need an additional meeting with another physician to do this). I'm not sure if I'm expected to do a lot of...
  16. Y

    Summer Research Application Thread 2023

    Decided to make one for this year (SURF, AMGEN, SPHSP etc) List which ones you all applied to etc
  17. C

    Research Participants Needed - LGBTQIA+ Healthcare Education Research

    Good afternoon SDN. My name is Cody Harrison, and I am the Director of Academic Support at DCOM-Knoxville. I am also a doctoral student at Wilmington University in New Castle, DE. For my dissertation research, I am looking at the importance of LGBTQIA+ healthcare education in pre-clinical...
  18. T

    List of Research Post-bac programs that are ORM-friendly?

    Right now, all I can find is the NIH IRTA/CRTA program. What other funded post-bac research programs exist out there that accept students who are ORM (not underrepresented or disadvantaged)?
  19. D

    Mentorship for dermatology-interested medical students research

    Hi everyone, I am working on a project with Dr.Mhlaba of Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine about mentorship for dermatology-interested medical students. Below is a brief survey I am hoping you will consider completing to gain more insight into students' experiences being mentored by...
  20. a_distant_dream

    How long to wait before updating schools and what to include?

    Please do not quote this message. I substantially contributed to a manuscript that was just accepted by a fairly well-known journal. I have questions about updating schools: Should I wait until my semester grades are also released? I expect a 4.0. This is expected to occur January 1. Should I...
  21. S

    UCSD Master's in Clinical Research

    Hi All, I've seen some others posting about biomedical masters programs so I thought this program would be of interest to the forum. UCSD's Master's in Clinical Research is a 1-year program which provides training in medical research skills like clinical trials, biostatistics, epidemiology, and...
  22. H

    No home program at my (new) school - seeking some guidance

    Hello everyone, I am a M2 at a new US MD school in the NE who is interested in ophtho. Being that it's so new and there is no home program, I was wondering if anyone would be willing to let me PM them and ask some questions :) Specifically seeking some feedback on whether to take a research year...
  23. H

    What is the consensus on summer research programs?

    Are they the best way to network with schools outside of your state of residence, or should they be taken at face-value for the pure scholarly benefit you might obtain from having a poster and research experience once the program is done. Right now, weighing my options on what to do this...
  24. C

    JOB APPLICANTS NEEDED: NIH Funded Research Associate/Research Coordinator Position

    APPLY AT Research Coordinator The Psychophysiology Laboratory for Affective Neuroscience (PLAN; PLAN ) in the University of Tulsa’s Department of Psychology is accepting applications for a full-time Research Associate / Research Coordinator. The position will assist with a 5-year NIH/NCCIH...
  25. D

    Position Available 2023-2024 Dermatology Research Fellowship

    Hi all, I am a former fellow of this program posting information. Please feel to reach out to me through SDN with questions, or to the contact info below: Title: Johns Hopkins Itch Fellowship Fellowship Director: Shawn Kwatra, MD Position filled for 2022-2023 year? Yes Duration: 1 year...
  26. S

    Advice for getting involved with neurosurgery residents and getting on research

    I'm a second year medical student interested in neurosurgery and I have slowly been getting more involved my institution's neurosurgery department over my first year. I have been told that I need to get involved with the residents to get on more projects, but so far I have had a hard time...
  27. M

    Seeking Therapists for Brief Online Study (Chance to Win a $100 Amazon Gift Card!) - New/Fixed Link!!!

    Hello everyone, It's been brought to my attention that the link in my previous post about this same project was not working. I apologize! Here is the post again with a corrected link. Thank you, Michael --- Hello everyone! I am a fourth year Clinical Psychology doctoral student at Long...
  28. M

    Seeking Therapists for Brief Online Study (Chance to Win a $100 Amazon Gift Card!)

    Hello everyone! I am a fourth year Clinical Psychology doctoral student at Long Island University - Brooklyn and am seeking therapists to participate in a brief online research project, which aims to contribute to the field’s understanding of psychotherapy/counseling training and effectiveness...
  29. Rakan Rasheed

    low GPA and medical residency

    Hello guys . I just graduated from medical college (IMG) but with a Low GPA unfortunately. and I'm passionate to become an Ophthalmologist, first, is the low GPA will Affecting my residency application? second is there a thing that makes it up like good usmel score or research, latter of...
  30. MukashiMukashi

    Best way to get research experience independently?

    Rising M2 who is having trouble finding a professor to work with and get research experience from. Was thinking about doing literature reviews in my off time but I saw on a thread that journals usually tend to take them from experts in the field. Has anyone found success getting published...
  31. Mued->Doc

    Focus on clinical hours or research for my EC’s?

    Hello everybody, I wanted to get some advice on what y’all would focus in terms of EC’s to build the best application I can. Medical school is the goal for me, and I would be happy with getting into anywhere because I just really want to help people in the hardest of times, but I also want to...
  32. B

    Research right before starting med school (deferred)?

    I’m taking a year off before med school to address some health issues that came up (Matriculating in 2023). Currently, I’m also writing a case study on cardiac defects with a fellow and attending from a different medical school than the one I’m going to attend, and hope to get it published in...
  33. E

    Emory Radiation Oncology Medical Student Scholars Program

    Emory University School of Medicine Department of Radiation Oncology Medical Student Scholars Program Purpose The Department of Radiation Oncology at Emory University strives to promote clinical, basic science, and medical physics research by attracting the best and brightest medical students...
  34. pikachu8923

    Clinical Experience + Public Health Research - PreMed

    Hello; I'm trying to figure out what qualifies as clinical experience/particularly if my current job qualifies as clinical experience. I'm currently working as a research assistant at a school of public health where we are doing in person surveys with People Who Use Drugs, asking questions...
  35. Ryan Reynolds Number 1

    KGI Sure program

    Hey everyone! I'm a freshman undergraduate who just got into KGI's SURE research program. It's underpaid so I was wondering if it's worth doing?
  36. H

    Gap year research or clinical experience for top 20 med schools?

    Hi y’all I humbly need some advice on this. I’m a graduating senior in biochemistry taking two gap years before med school. I have research experience in 2 organic synthesis/drug development labs over the course 2.5 years, yielding ~1200 hours tho with no publications nor thesis work (I forgot...
  37. F

    Summer Research at Home Institution vs Away (SRTP)

    Hi everyone! Would love some advice! For context, I am an M1 at a top 50 medical school in the US. I am very interested in cardiology (so internal medicine). But I just recently developed an interest in dermatology too. I have been trying to decide what would be best for my upcoming summer so...
  38. F

    U.S. Clinical Research Opportunity Hepatology/Abdominal Transplant Surgery - Funded and J-1 Visa Support

    Hello everyone, Please see below attachment for a funded clinical research position in Hepatology/Abdominal Transplant Surgery in Dallas, Texas. CV and motivational letter are required. Application deadline: April 29th, 2022.
  39. F

    U.S. Clinical Research Opportunity Hepatology/Abdominal Transplant Surgery - Funded and J-1 Visa Support

    Hello everyone, Please see below attachment for a funded clinical research position in Hepatology/Abdominal Transplant Surgery in Dallas, Texas. CV and motivational letter are required. Application deadline: April 29th, 2022.
  40. S

    RVC vs US schools