Slide scanners

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May 10, 2001
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Does anyone have any experience with slide scanners? I'm trying to agitate to get two in our department, one at each of our hospitals. I think this would be a very nice capability to have, although I personally haven't used one other than seeing a demo once.

I know Aperio is a big name in this area--anyone know of any others? Anything in particular I should be looking for in a scanner? Are they easy enough to use such that relatively technologically impaired older attendings could use one? In general, how are departments around the country using these things? Teaching? Tumor boards? Consults? Once the novelty wears off, are they actually useful pieces of equipment?

What about the backend server side of things? Presumably these things must need massive storage arrays and lots of bandwidth.

Any/all comments would be appreciated.

LADoc made some cryptic comments a while back about a revolutionary new scanner, but declined to give additional info. Has the NDA expired yet? I'd hate to have the department make a 200k purchase and then have it be outdated six months later.

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I know my medical school surg path deparment has one that is used primarily for preparing for Tumor Boards as well as other lectures at the moment. There is talk of purchase of a large information management server that would associate gross images, scanned slides (when done), written reports, and other patient data, and allow for easy indexing and searching, but that's still in the planning phases.

Sorry to say I'm not sure what the brand of the slide scanner was... :( I'd find out but I'm currently off campus for an away elective.

There are better rigs in development than Aperio, but of course Im sure Aperio has new models in development as well. This is similar to computers, a top end model today will be guaranteed in the discount bin at Staples 2-3 years from now. There is no way around that.
Thanks, I just contacted the BioImagene people for some info.