SLU vs Howard

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Dec 9, 2014
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I've been accepted into Howard and Meharry so far, but I feel like I would choose Howard over Meharry. I have been interested in SLU for sometime now (only interview/waitlist last cycle), and am currently waiting for a post interview decision.


  • Great reputation for educating black doctors
  • Nation's capitol, very attractive location
  • Sister will be going to undergrad there and premed (not so much a pro for me i guess, but can definitely help her out)
  • HBCU (been going to primarily black schools for past 8 years and enjoy tight knit, nurturing atmosphere)
  • more diverse
  • Good clinical experience?
  • research institutions close by (plan on doing at least some)
  • focus on underserved
  • smaller class

  • might be about 5k-10k more expensive (rough estimate)
  • Recent ex goes to the dental school (baggage)
  • being an HBCU, administration might not be on top of things
  • older facilities
  • H/P/F
  • they said classes weren't mandatory but some teachers will fool with your grade if they never see you.

  • very familiar with St. Louis (went to high school down the street from SLU)
  • curriculum seems to focus on student wellness/health
  • cheaper cost of living
  • "fresh start"
  • good reputation
  • know more current students and am more familiar with the program
  • possibly 5-10k cheaper (estimate)
  • nicer facilities
  • P/F, no rank
  • not many mandatory classes
  • prematriculation program
  • good clinical experiences

  • Probation. Still don't know what to think about this. Supposedly it's from reporting issues related to the new curriculum instead of the curriculum itself, but who knows.
  • less diverse
  • not as attractive location
  • fewer research opportunities
  • larger class

Summary: Overall my gut feeling during both interview days was similar, I felt like these were the institutions for me. What would you all go with?


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Mar 24, 2016
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It depends if you want to practice in the Northeast or the Midwest. The ex-gf is a moot point, you never have to see her if you don't want to. I would choose Howard based on the opportunities in the Northeast and I don't like the midwest that much. SLU is a solid school though, I wouldn't worry too much about the probation. The new Dean has been very transparent and it looks like he is ready to change the program for the better.

Disclaimer: I interviewed at SLU and am on the alternate list. I didn't like the vibe of the city and felt "trapped" when I was there.
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