Howard vs Drew

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Mar 26, 2024
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Hi everyone! I've been lucky enough to get an acceptance at Drew and now have to make a decision! I also currently don't have a specialty in mind yet, in case that makes a difference.

School: Howard

· More established
· *Good match list (?)
· New City, change of pace. DC seems like a fun place to be.
· Close to NIH, access to good research opportunities.
· Has associated hospital (advantage for getting residency for competitive specialties?)
· Public transportation system (Possibly don’t need a car?)
· HBCU school culture seems like a lot of fun!


· Far from support system (Would be moving across the country)
· Apartments near campus seem pretty expensive
· Weather (only two seasons where I live, hot and cold. Never have had to deal with snow.)
· Large class size (120 students)
· School doesn’t give out much in the way of financial aid.

School Charles R. Drew

· Close to support system (few hour drive away)
· Its L.A. (lots of good food, opportunities, things to do etc…)
· Housing is slightly cheaper
· Smaller class size (60 students)
· GF could move with me, saving me a lot on living expenses.
· Geographically close to the community I want to one day work with.
· Lots of good med schools in SoCal, possibly lots of good opportunities and connections?


· Its L.A. (high COL, lots of crazy traffic, car is necessary to get anywhere)
· New school (though they were previously a UCLA SOM program. Granted, I don’t know how much weight that will hold in the grand scheme of things)
· Have yet to graduate first class (no match data)
· No associated hospital
· Unsure of financial aid situation

Summary: Howard is more established but far from my support system. Drew is super new, but would let me stay in California which is where I one day want to practice. Both seem to have similar estimated COA (I am also WL’ed at a school that I would go to over both of these, but they historically have very low WL movement.)

*Tbh I don’t know what defines a good match list but their match list seems pretty decent to me

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