Jul 23, 2016
I'm currently applying for MD programs (2017 application cycle) but I'm concerned about my chances and I want to be prepared ahead of time in case I don't get an acceptance.

My stats are as follows:
sGPA: 3.70
cGPA: 3.68
MCAT: 32

Clinical volunteering: 100 hours
Non-clinical volunteering: 150 hours
2 years of work experience in the medical field: Phlebotomist and Nurse Assistant (1000's of hours)

I know these stats are at least competitive, but I have 8 W's on my transcript (5 from science courses) and I had to retake a chem lab after failing 3 years ago (subsequently received an A)...So I'm preparing for the possibility of attending an SMP program.

Should I be applying for these programs already, or should I wait until I find out about interviews from the MD programs I applied to? When should I consider retaking the new MCAT? If anyone who has experience with this process could give me some advice, I would be extremely grateful!