SMP Tulane Microbio/Immuno 1 year MS

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Jul 18, 2023
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Hi all!

If you're taking a gap year, or applying this cycle and are looking for something to help boost your application, I just wanted to get on here and recommend the 1-year MS microbiology and immunology program at Tulane School of Medicine. I am a former student, and I can speak to the quality of this program and the fantastic professors in it. AMA about the program, here to answer your questions!

PS there is still time to apply for acceptance into the program for fall of THIS YEAR! It is not too late to do something amazing with your gap year.

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Hi! So I just found Tulane's various Master's programs and so far I am really interested in this one in particular. I've already started my application and am hoping to be done by Monday. Can you talk a little about your experience in the program, student outcomes after completing it, and the overall structure/culture of the program? Did you apply to any other programs? Thanks so much in advance, it's been really hard finding any information about Master's that aren't the Anatomy or pharmacology one.