Feb 7, 2010
Hello peoples

i have a very complex question on my hands right now and i need your help to do it. Cookies for the person with the most knowledgable answer.

So currently i am a freshman at UC irvine and next quarter is going to be my third quarter. And i had a question about what classes to take. So basically i am taking 4 classes next quarter. 2 english courses, 1 physics course, and 1 African American studies course. My question is about the physics course.

Let me tell you that i am a bio sci major planning on becoming a doctor. Now i went and saw my counselor and she said that bio sci majors don't take physics classes until their 3rd year on campus but she said if i was confident then i could go ahead and take it.

Now i am trying to organize all my courses from an MCAT study point of view so that the bio, chem, phys material is still relatively fresh in my head. Although i know i will have to review! By the end of this academic year i will have completed 2 bio classes, and the inorganic chem set. Next year i have some lower-div bio classes and OCHEM!

So from your guys' expertise do you think its wise for me to take Physics Electricity and magnetism, specifically, so early? Or do you think it does not matter? As of right now i haven't started prepping for the MCAT. I am focusing on school. But i have taken a practice MCAT (in 1.5 hours lol, i blew through the entire thing) just to get a feel for the formatting of the test.

Another similar question i have is this. I have talked to my counselors and my peers and they have all said the same thing. Medical schools do not accept Math classes, specifically Calculus if it has been completed in high school. Since i have taken both calculus classes AB and BC in highschool, i find my self in a fix. Either take a multi-variable class and a stats class at UCI, so it fulfils my requirement of 2 math classes. OR retake the Calculus AB and BC single variable calculus courses at a community college. I am not able to take those classes at UCI simply because i am not allowed to do that.

sorry for the long email folks. but i would greatly appreciated if someone could help me out



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What Physics series are you taking? Usually bio majors take the 3 series but since you have to take it in sequence and 3A is not offered next quarter......
I can't get the catalogue right now so I can't look up the 7 series courses, but understand they are intended for physics/engineering majors so it may not be the best option. If you enjoy physics and/or feel you are strong in it though more power to you. I wouldn't really recommend taking physics next year with your sophomore bio core classes but its not impossible.
IMHO Genetics/Biochem/Molecular Bio are harder than most of the upper division classes you will end up taking. + Ochem is not breeze. :love:

About the math, you are going to have to take Stats(or 2D) at UCI aren't you? It is required for the major.

Sorry I can't help that much, feel free to PM me though if you want any advice about the bio major at UCI.