Some professors are really good!

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Jun 13, 2011
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I took Psych online. I hated it. Last semester my grandfather passed away after an uncle passed away. I had to drop A&P, Bio 2 and Psych 101.

My A&P prof and my Bio prof both teach at UT and the A&P prof also teaches at the med school. They both gave me IP grades!

My psych prof gave me a W. I soon after (2 weeks after the funerals) applied for the half semester online course with the same prof/same class. I ended up getting an 89 in that class without reading due to having taken a bunch of the tests earlier that semester. She gave me an A!

So, next semester I will retake Bio 2, and try for an A. Either way, the IP gets dropped according to my college protocol as if it was never there!

Same for A&P, but honestly, that can be a beast of a class. I know better to attempt to take that class again while working full time, taking 2 science courses, psych, literature, and working full time nights. I am going to have to seriously work on finding a happy medium for time periods to take classes. Working nights 3 days a week, and going to class during the mid day of the other 4 can be hard.

Anyone else with similar stories?


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