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you copy/paste everyones reactions after the tests then after the scores so they can compare them Lol. I remember someone saying how awful it was and they prob didnt score over a 24. And they ended up getting a 36.


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May 21, 2011
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For what it's worth.

Post test:

Not sure how exactly to feel about this test.

PS - I felt like this was easier than most of the later AAMCs. There were 1 or 2 questions that I had to take educated guesses on but I felt pretty good about everything else. Had some calculations but not as heavy as AAMC 11 imo. A lot more straight-forward questions than I was expecting...it's like they took a lot of the concepts you have to know and condensed them each into individual, straight-forward questions.

VR - Wow. This sucked. For one, I wish you were able to zoom out because the font was a lot larger than I was used to. But anyway, all these passages were dry and the questions sucked. I averaged around an 11 on AAMCs for VR but I'd be thrilled with a 10 on this section. On the plus side, I did finish every passage but who knows how the questions went...

BS - Felt a lot like AAMC 11. A couple difficult questions that were random facts but most answers were in the passages. There was one question that completely came out of left field that I remember in particular...luckily I remembered something from my microbio course and was able to apply it.

I kind of wish the sciences were a little harder because the curve won't be very generous. And I feel like we might get screwed on VR. We'll see in a month, I suppose.

My AAMC range was 34-39, for what it's worth.

Before logging in to check my score:

I am terrified of logging in and seeing something like a 7 for verbal :(

Actual score: 14/11/12 (37P)

I think we had a really tough curve on BS because I thought I would be more in the 14ish range. I was also wrong about my feelings on VR (thank God).


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May 29, 2011
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Definitely won't take the time to do this now, but if someone doesn't compile this I will most likely do it during June when I'm waiting for my scores, so I can still be doing something neurotic related to the MCAT.
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Nov 24, 2008
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Obviously my reaction was not very accurate.

PS: Don't really remember it. Probably a good thing. Not bad I think.

VR: Felt like a regular AAMC test. Not too terrible.


BS: Oh hi verbal...wait this is BS.....Oh this is pretty easy....HOLY **** WTF IS THIS. OMG I AM GOING TO FAIL.

Yeah that was pretty much the test for me. For the first time ever I took the entire time for BS.

40Q VR: 13 PS: 12 BS: 15 W: Q :love:
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